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We know that losing a loved one is very difficult.  We have provided these pages to give you a place to honor those who have passed.  If you would like to send us a picture and a brief story with your donation, we can feature your loved one on our Rainbow Bridge Page.  E-mail your picture and story to us here.

We can also add the name of the person or pet in our list of memorial donations below.  If you would prefer that your donation not be listed, please choose the appropriate button during the check-out process in our store.  NRGRR will also send a gift card to the family or a friend of the individual/pet you have honored with your donation.

As always, your gift will be used to directly support our rescue efforts.  Thank you.




Loved Ones We've Lost or Honored

 In Honor/Memory Of


Dave and Aline McCullough
Nancy McCullough 
Lilly Ezzelle  Anne Oesterbo 
Thelma Sanford  Jo Anne Sanford
Owen Sullivan
Meagan Sullivan 
Buddy  Anthony Hare
Brandon, Travis, Jason, Casey & Jake
Cathy Davis 
Darol Carlson and his love
 for Golden Retrievers 
Scott Kennedy 
Cognac  Nell Barnes
Casey Barbara Venen 
Gourmutt's Bakery  Tina Musselwhite
Peaches  Nell Barnes
Melinda Covington 
Martha, Columbus Co. Animal Control  Susan Sharp 
Martha - pulled from CCAC  Anne Oesterbo 
Sierra Mel Bernay 
K-Pie  Jennifer Waters 
Molly (Sangria)  Meribeth Howlett 
Duke  Meribeth Howlett
Daisy  Christine Kjellberg 
Cody Ahrend  Lisa Wallace
Nell Barnes 
Juka, Tucker, and Cody Ahrend
Kerry Ahrend 
Simon Barnes   Kerry Ahrend 
Abby DiPreta   Kerry Ahrend
Nell Barnes 
Molly  Jill Mays 
Opie Blackwell
Laura Nuhn
Nell Barnes
Ryland Duke  Kate Holgate
Donna Blackwell
Margaret Beverage
Agnieszka Banbula
Lesley Castle
Laura Nuhn 
Simon  Katherine Boyd
Riley  Nell Barnes 
Simon Barnes  Kathy Reid 
Jessie  Alison Ross 
Pi and Kuvi   Amy Harris 
Teddy  Nell Barnes
Simon  Elizabeth Baird
Galen Boulia
Dot Boulia 
Snickers Timothy Tooley
Nell Barnes 
Rosemary Smith Crabtree  Marie Flanagan
Daisy  Larry Arrington 
Ferguson  Belinda Butler 
Sam Malone (Obie)
Karen Malone 
Justin Ergler
Deborah Ergler 
Maggie May  Matthew Orlemanski 
Minny and Bingo
Kay Metzner 
Beasley  Peggy and Bunky King
"Sammy" Radzai
Kelly Marrara 
Ben  Lisa Rahn
Lucy  Diane Collopy
Boo  Maureen Ragon
Betty Danziger
Emily Arnold 
Bay Owens Ellen Owens
Kotter Mall  Angela Mall 
Betty Danziger  Margaret Heath 
Trotter  Denise "Dee" Johnson
Rufus Woofwright Juliann Lanser
Blake Baxter   Nell Barnes 
Pagiel  SoftPro
Ky (Friedenson)  Susan Reinhard
Scout  Sandra Helms
Shep  Nell Barnes
Janet Campbell  Linda Lapp
Sandi Shineman
Regina Dropkin
Christine Kolepp Schnell
Sadie Newton
Craig and Terry Swaim
China Nikki D'Ambrose
Liz Baird's father
Nikki D'Ambrose
Debbie Brittain & Molly
Shawn Harlan 
Blarney's Fund  Pat Lapekas
Duke Jerry Allen 
Badger  Corrie Rittenhouse
Murphy  Judith Kelly
Harp  Katherine Walker
Global Knowledge Training LLC   Global Knowledge
Murphy  Tracey McDonnell
Jake  Susan Burton 
Daisy Metcalf  Zebda Hines
McCabe  Doug Roberts
Daisy  Tammy Korniotes
Chaz  Gail Tate 
Sophie  laura & fred widman
Holly  Tammy Gannon 
Loretta, Kristen and Donna  Katherine Engle 
Sadie & Sugar  Mary Jean Franks
Foxie Stright, Maggie Turner, Clair Baird,
Wrigley Cullen, Dr. Charles Livaudais,
and Sydney Cavadi
Jacqueline Cavadi
Sadie Mae and Hannah Rose  Jane Malec 
The Lambs  Jeff Strong 
Maggie Lally  Karen Billmire 
Miss Molly  Deborah Brittain 
Berkeley and Bear Shore  Karen Shore
Marilee McTigue   Nell Barnes
Charlie (Denver) Hunt  Theresa Hunt
Howard & Janet Wyatt,
Robert & Laura Wyatt 
Virginia Wyatt 
Petunia  Susan Burton 
Sunny Wagoner  Linda Wagoner 
Roger and Elaine Stow  Kathryn Stow Hotard 
Duncan  Robert and Jennifer Allen 
Liz Baird  Susan Cassidy 
Charlie (Denver) Hunt
Ann Hunt 
Coach  Joseph Sagula 
Jeff Burdick & Cliffy (Mingo)  Carol Burdick 
All the volunteers  Gail Brenner 
Arline Bliss  Jim & Carol Ruecke
Sam  Pamela Rose
Cloe & Chelsea  Brian Jones
Boo (Dalton)  Maureen Ragon 
  Charlotte Novak 
Pat Duke  Henry Campen 
Chief, Bella and Asti Piner  Kimberly Alicie 
Robert Fisher  Amanda Fisher 
Bunky  Nell Barnes 
Randy & Donna Tracey
Shannon Smith 
David Sockolof
Kathy Colgan 
Haley, Chase, Jack, Charlie, and Sam 
Amanda Mason 
Cisco Trish Raffel 
Buddy and Mickey 
Rafael Quinones 
Hobo Joe, Taffy Nicole  Deborah Key 
Karen and Edward Newton  Anna Newton 
Marcia Priddy & Gizzie
Elizabeth Slappey
Robert A. Gregg,MD  Kenneth A Gregg
Laura Smith  Todd Platt
Emma Edwards  Benjamin Edwards 
Kerry Ahrend Lisa Wallace 
Boomer Kasow Wichlan
Andrew Sharf 
Mochi and Shelby
Anita Lewis 
Zion  Ray Zeisz
Solomon  Holly Powell 
  Anne Whitehurst
Jane and Graham Snyder  Elizabeth Reilly
Jill  Phyllis Morgan

Losing a Pet

Anyone who considers a pet a beloved friend, companion, or family member knows the intense pain that accompanies the loss of that friend. Intense grief over the loss of a pet is normal and natural. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s silly, crazy, or overly sentimental to grieve.

During the years you spent with your pet (even if they were few), he/she became a significant and constant part of your life. It was a source of comfort and companionship, of unconditional love and acceptance, of fun and joy. So don’t be surprised if you feel devastated by the loss of such a relationship. Click here for some resources that might help.