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2020 Statistics

through October
123 Dogs Rescued

34 Dogs in Rehab

136 Dogs Adopted

Thank you for stopping by to see the dogs ready for adoption. There are typically between 35 and 45 dogs in our program at any given time – some will stay with us longer than others as they overcome their medical or behavioral challenges. The costs to run our rescue are well over $200,000 per year. Click here to learn how you can support NRGRR rescue, rehab, and adopt these dogs in need. Visit our Blarney's Fund page to read about some of our dogs who came into our program with serious medical issues and learn how we helped them recover.

NOTE:  To adopt one of our dogs, you must be a resident of North Carolina and reside within 100 miles of Raleigh, NC.   Due to the impact of COVID-19 we have seen a temporary fall off in the number of dogs in need of rescue and a drastic increase in the number of applications.  Until further notice provided on this section of our website, this distance restriction applies to new applications. Once this situation eases we will go back to our existing requirements.  

If you are just beginning the process to apply for one of our posted dogs, please be aware that previously approved applicants will be given priority.

Reminder for approved applicants: To apply for one or more available dogs, contact your applications advisor. Don't know who your advisor is? Email

We are headed to the Meet and Greet
We're headed to the Meet and Greet!
What about you?

Meet and Greet - November 21, 2020
Status: Cancelled

With limited available dogs and government restrictions getting tighter with COVID cases increasing, our Meet and Greets will be held on a case by case basis through at least the end of the year. We will announce our plans here a couple of days before the scheduled date.

Our Meet and Greets are typically held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month but may be cancelled due to COVID restrictions or limited available dogs. When held, we will be operating under the Safer at Home Phase 3 guidelines and everyone attending should be wearing a mask. We want everyone to be safe as we resume this activity.

We are excited to be partnering with Zoomy Dogs for our Meet and Greets. It is a very cool, large space with lots of room and they are wonderful hosts.

Zoomy Dogs
5420 NC-55, Durham, NC 27713

Available Dogs

Thank you for stopping by! We will have more dogs available for adoption soon. 


Applications Closed

Stout Sitting

Applications Closed

Stout is looking for a loving home to live out his golden years. He doesn't require much but enjoys being petted and brushed. He loves to go on short walks and dinner time is his favorite time! Are you looking for a quiet companion and fluffy head to scratch?  
Learn more about adopting a senior dog from NRGRR
Milo_s Teddy Bear Face

Applications Closed

Milo is a really low energy seven year old dog. He prefers women and gets along great with kids. He's quiet and not a big barker. He has good leash manners and absolutely loves car rides. 
Regal Curry

Applications Closed

Curry is a lovely, large 5 year old boy. He is sometimes unaware of his size but he means well all of the time! He likes other dogs and cats, and would be happy to cuddle up with you on the couch too.
Ric Flair 20

Ric Flair
Applications Closed

    Ric Flair is a sweet, people loving kind of dog. He would like someone home more than not, thrives on a routine, and is pretty low key. He is house broken, knows basic commands, is eager to please!
Bullwinkle 20

Applications Closed

Are you ready for some laughs and a dog that will keep you entertained?  Bullwinkle is a young, happy boy with a very curious mind. He loves to go for walks and meet new people and dogs. He's active but pretty easy going. 

Applications Closed

Juliet is a quiet natured young girl.  She's a little slow to warm up but that doesn't take long. Her favorite things are toys, a good bone, and just being next to you for some lovin’. 
My First Plush Toy

China SonyaApplications Closed

      Sonya is a lovely, sweet young girl from China. She loves people and other dogs and is curious about everything! She is a high energy girl looking for a home with another companion dog to play with and show her what it means to be a good dog. 
International adoption fee applies 
Turkey Boaz 20

Turkey Boaz
Applications Closed

     Boaz is young, happy and active boy. He wants to do whatever you are doing, take daily outings, and is curious about everything. Boaz needs a fenced yard so he doesn't try to explore the neighborhood on his own! International adoption fee applies 

Referral Dogs (not in our program)

We provide listings for referral dogs and other North Carolina dog rescue organizations as a service to the community, but we do not screen dogs to determine their suitability for adoption.  We make no representations regarding the accuracy of the information provided by the owners, fosters, and rescues, and we assume no responsibility for the condition or behavior of the dogs.

Cause N Dog Rescue - Their Story

Located in Snow Hill, NC, Cause N Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization. We are not paid to save the dogs we do, we choose to save them. Despite what people believe we are not funded by any government or entity to keep this rescue running. We are supported strictly by donations and volunteers. In even simpler terms, we are a group of people who spend our time and money to save dogs. More often than not these animals are brought to us after being neglected and mistreated. All other times they have been dumped, left behind, and completely forgotten about by the same people who were supposed to love them forever. Developed through our own funds and hard work, we have created this non-profit organization to bring awareness to a cause close to our hearts. Every week dogs are suffering and in need of rescuing right here in our county. Those that are to be euthanized at the county shelter due to lack of space for more dogs, we save them too. As long as we can and have the space and resources to save them we do because our Non-Profit Rescue is a “no kill” facility. Our dogs learn how to live indoors as a family dog, get leash trained, temperament tested and most importantly, taught to love. All are brought to the vet, tested and treated for heartworms and parasites, fully vaccinated protecting them from parvo and rabies, given preventions for heartworms, fleas and ticks, as well as spayed and neutered.

You can learn more about adopting, volunteering or donating to Cause N Dogs here:

Milo causendogCharlie causendogZiggy causendog

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