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2021 Statistics

through March
30 Dogs Rescued

37 Dogs in Rehab

22 Dogs Adopted

Thank you for stopping by to see the dogs ready for adoption. There are typically between 35 and 45 dogs in our program at any given time – some will stay with us longer than others as they overcome their medical or behavioral challenges. The costs to run our rescue are well over $200,000 per year. Click here to learn how you can support NRGRR rescue, rehab, and adopt these dogs in need. Visit our Blarney's Fund page to read about some of our dogs who came into our program with serious medical issues and learn how we helped them recover.

NOTE:  To adopt one of our dogs, you must be a resident of North Carolina and reside within 100 miles of Raleigh, NC.   Due to the impact of COVID-19 we have seen a temporary fall off in the number of dogs in need of rescue and a drastic increase in the number of applications.  Until further notice provided on this section of our website, this distance restriction applies to new applications. Once this situation eases we will go back to our existing requirements.  

If you are just beginning the process to apply for one of our posted dogs, please be aware that previously approved applicants will be given priority.

Reminder for approved applicants: To apply for one or more available dogs, contact your applications advisor. Don't know who your advisor is? Email

Meet and Greets - Resuming April 17, 2021

Meet and Greets will resume on Saturday, April 17 from 10 to 12PM.  Current COVID restrictions apply and masks must be worn.

Thank you for your patience! It has been a very long year and we are eager to see you again and to have you meet our adoptable dogs in person.

We are excited to be partnering with Zoomy Dogs for our Meet and Greets. It is a very cool, large space with lots of room and they are wonderful hosts.
5420 NC-55, Durham, NC 27713

Meet and Greet Lineup:
  • Laverne21
  • Miranda21
  • Mystique20
  • Rocko21
  • Trixie21
  • Turkey Harry21
  • Turkey Pascal21

Last minute or unforeseeable circumstances may prevent a listed dog from attending, or they may not be in attendance for the entire time. If you are an approved applicant, please contact your application adviser if you have specific questions about a particular dog.

Available Dogs

Please keep in mind that we match dogs with previously approved applicants on an ongoing basis, so some dogs shown may already have a prospective match, and some dogs may not reach the website.    

Harry - just gorgeous 

Turkey Harry

Available Now

Harry loves dog toys and belly rubs. He is house trained and crate trained but doesn't really need it. He would love another dog in the house for company and enjoys going on walks and exploring. Otherwise he is happy by your side. Click here to learn more about him

Pascal smiling even bigger 

Turkey Pascal

Available Now

My name is Pascal. I am an affectionate dog who loves to be around people and I am a world champion snuggler! I would ideally like to be roomies with someone who works from home and types with one hand so they can pet me with the other all day long. I would love a fenced in yard so I can be outside and explore!  Click here to learn more about me

Rocko realizing the sofa is the place to be 


Available Now

Does your dog need a dog? Maybe you're looking for a hiking buddy? Then Rocko might be the dog for you! Rocko is a friendly, spunky young fella with lots to offer. He'd love to be part of an active household that hikes, camps or just spends lots of time being active and outdoors.  Click here to learn more about him

Miranda pretty smile 


Available Now

Miranda is a young, often energetic, sweet girl. She loves to go for car rides, she's very smart, house and crate trained, and LOVES all kinds of dog toys. She might be best in a home with older kids and no other pets. Click here to learn more about her.

Trixie 21 Trixie

Available Now

Trixie is our adorable, little sprite!  She is a very active 2 year old who loves to play with her very large foster brother. Once she feels at home she will snuggle up next to you and offer you kisses. She's completely house trained and knows some basic commands. Click here to learn more about her.

Mystique has such a sweet face 


Available Now

 Mystique is a gentle, sweet young dog with an independent attitude. She gets along with people of any age and likes other dogs. She loves to go for car rides and on walks. She has playful spurts of energy and enjoys racing around her backyard after the squirrels. Click here to learn more about her.

Laverne sits so pretty 


Available Now

Yes! I'm a puppy and I am so stinkin' cute!  I am learning new things every day and I sit very nicely for a treat. I love to play with my toys and other dogs and snuggling up on your lap for a nap! Click here to learn more about me

Update: New applicants and existing approved applicants can now apply for Laverne 

Deputy Dawg Hanging outside 

Deputy Dawg

Available Now

Take a look at this handsome boy! Deputy Dawg is a tender-hearted soul who loves being with his people. He will stick to you like glue around the house and is very curious about everything that’s going on. Click here to learn more about him

Dogberry sun on his face 


Available Now

Meet nine month old Dogberry. Are you an active adult with no kids in your house? Do you love having fun with your dog or dogs, and teaching them new things? Then please give this handsome boy another look! Click here to learn more about him

Angel is ready to play 

Turkey Angel

Available Now

Angel is a healthy 4 year old girl from Turkey. She loves being close to her family, going for walks and playing in the backyard. Angel has some special needs discussed on her webpage and will need a little extra help to make her the best girl ever. Click here to learn more about her

Applications Closed

Cooper cute in plaid 

China Cooper

Applications Closed 

China Cooper is an adorable one year old boy. He has some sight problems, but gets around very well. He is a happy dog, a quick learner, loves to play with other dogs and go for walks. 

Diane19 deck 


Applications Closed 

Beautiful Diane is a 7 year old girl with a sweet temperament. She does have allergies that can be managed with medication and diet, but is otherwise a healthy, happy girl. 

Referral Dogs (not in our program)

We provide listings for referral dogs and other North Carolina dog rescue organizations as a service to the community, but we do not screen dogs to determine their suitability for adoption.  We make no representations regarding the accuracy of the information provided by the owners, fosters, and rescues, and we assume no responsibility for the condition or behavior of the dogs.


Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education, and Training! ( SEVA GRREAT) 

SEVA GRREAT is looking for a family for Golden Retriever, Bentli.  She is a sweet dog who loves her humans but doesn't necessarily like other dogs. Because of that, she needs to be an only dog. She is an energetic dog, needs a high fence around her back yard and a family without small children.

Even with a pool of approved families, they have not found the right fit for Bentli. There is more information on SEVA GRREAT's Facebook page and on the SEVA GRREAT webpage.

If you think you are the right family for her, email the adoption coordinator directly at Send an email describing your family, including the ages of any children in your home, and what your house and yard are like.

Bentli ready to play
Bentli with her frisbee
Bentli on her bed
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