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Spencer's Story 

 Hello everyone!  Just thought I would let you know that I have been adopted!  Woo-hoo.  Thanks for your support.

XOXO Spencer


 Update - August 14, 2013

 Hi everybody, Spencer here.

Just wanted to let everybody know how I’m doing…..Well not so great.  Foster mom put the “cone of shame” on me because I was messing with my neuter incision and it started to bleed.  I’ll try to do better so I don’t have to wear it too much longer.

My foster parents are trying really hard to encourage me to walk and start using my bad leg but it’s a real struggle. I would have to say it is quite difficult to get around with just three legs.  I am trying to adjust, but it still hurts, so I bear all my weight to the front.  I hope to do better as I have to see the nice vet people so they can see how I’m doing and remove some stitches.  I’ll let you know how that turns out.

My foster parents are working me with on my house manners and showing me how to live life as an “inside dog." Foster mom saids little things like walking through the door and sitting on the couch and just being inside a house is so strange for me.  I actually prefer to lay on the floor so I can watch the ceiling fan for hours.

There are lot of new things that I’m discovering and I can’t wait to explore them and I am so thankful for the rescue for giving me this opportunity and my foster parents to show me the way.  I hope to get better real soon and let everybody know how I’m doing but for right now I’ll just sit behind the screened in porch and watch. 

If you could spare a few dollars to help me pay my nice doctor friends who fixed my hip, I'd sure appreciate it!





August 5, 2013

Hi, my name is Spencer and I’m the new guy in town.  I’m only two years old and my life did not start off very well.  You could say I was in some sort of a “Monopoly” game and was going downhill very fast.  Best I could guess, I found myself in " doggie jail" and no one to bail me out, to pass go, or to collect $200.  My skin was in horrible condition, my ears infected and I had those awful worms inside of me.  To make matters worse, I had injured my hip and couldn't walk very well.  Who would want me with all that going on?  This was a bad combination and so my fate was sealed, at least I wouldn't have to suffer anymore.  I was kept in the back of the shelter for several days waiting for the day to come where I was ready to close my eyes forever.

But guess what. I opened my eyes and I was still here.  Only this time, I was able to pass go. Thanks for the heroic effort of NRGRR who found out about me and thought I deserve a second chance.  They fixed what they could but then I had a complication.  The vet people found that my hip was dislocated.  They couldn't put it back as the ball of my hip was broken.  So, I had to have a very expensive surgery where they had to cut the broken ball joint off.  During the same surgery, I had my manhood taken away.  This is a lot to go through for a little guy like me.

I have a wonderful foster family who will help me through the long healing and rehabilitation process but it’s going to be very tough.

Please consider a donation toward my care and I promise to let you know how I’m doing.




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