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Shelton's Story

 August 19, 2012

Guess what!  My foster family adopted me.  Isn't that cool?  Can't wait for what life brings for me with them.  I sure have come a long way.  Thanks NRGRR for getting me healthy again.  It took a village, as they say, so if you could donate a bit for all my vet visits, I'd sure appreciate it!

August 8, 2012

Hey everybody!  Shelton here, or as my foster mom calls me- Sugar Sweet Sunshine Shelton!  I wanted to give everybody an update on how my health is doing and what I have been up to this summer.

My foster mom took me back to see Dr. R for another skin scrape.  As yucky as that sounds, it really isn't too bad-I just hold really still and then I get a treat afterwards!  Cool huh?

So here's the good news- still no mites!  Woo hoo!  My foster mom has been watching my skin like a hawk for any sign of those mean mites.  The bad thing is I developed another type of skin infection on the back of my neck.  Dr. R. and my foster mom aren't sure where it came from ( I think it came from all the wrestling and playing my foster brother and I do).  So, I had to go back on antibiotics for another two weeks.  I don't like to to take medicine, but I get yummy food with it!  

My hair continues to grow back and I don't look anything like what I did when I first came into NRGRR.  My foster dad was out of town for two weeks and didn't recognize me when he came back I had so MUCH hair!  I continue to work on my golden feathers, and my mom still gives me baths once a week to keep my skin healthy.  She says I have a little golden flag for a tail now!  

I want to give lots of golden kisses to everybody who has donated to the Blarney Fund!  All your donations are really appreciated  to help me, Shaggy, Roxanne, Badger and Boston as we get better!  Thank you so much!  I'll see you soon!

July 16, 2012

Hi everyone!  I went back to the vet for another skin scrape to make sure those nasty mites are gone.  I always get nervous when I go in there, but my foster mom gave me an extra hug so I felt brave.  Dr. R saw me with this visit and she is so nice.  All the girls there can't believe how far I have came-I have a full coat of fur for the most part, but I am still working on my "feathers". 

I had another ear check and my ears are nice and clean and without bugs!  Thank goodness!  Unfortunately, they found a mite with my skin scrape.  Dr. R told my foster mom that they weren't sure what it was, but it that it was NOT demodex.  Dr. R thought it may be a dust mite! 

I don't have to go back on the ivermectin which is what I was taking for the demodex, but I have to go have ANOTHER skin scrape in two weeks.  Yesh. I know my foster mom was upset about the new mite, but I gave her a kiss and she felt better.  I don't know how I can have any more mites because I feel so GOOD!   I play with my foster brother Jake and love to play ball.  I also love my morning walk with Jake and my mom.  I love to run, although I have to work hard to keep up with Jake, just because his legs are longer than mine!  I know I wouldn't feel this good without NRGRR's help!  Thanks for all the support and donations.  I really appreciate it (the mites don't).

 June 29, 2012

Shelton had another skin scrape at the vet office today to check for demadex mites and see if he could come off his medicine.  We are happy to report that he had no mites!  He will now be off all his medicine for two weeks and have another skin scrape in two weeks to check for mites off the medicine.  Hopefully, Shelton's immune system has recovered and he will be able to keep those nasty mites away.

Shelton went to to the Rescue Reunion on the June 23rd and met a lot of new foster friends.  He did very well with all the activity, as he is still new to meeting other people and other dogs.  His foster brother Jake was there so that gave him some confidence too. 


June 14, 2012


Shelton had his two week follow-up at the vet today.  His skin scrape to check for mites was negative, but he is not out of the woods yet.  He will need to continue on the medicine for another two weeks to make sure the mites are totally gone.  He has no more sores on his skin and is growing hair back quickly.  He also only has bacteria in his right ear, instead of both ears, which is slow and steady progress. 

Shelton is becoming an active 18 month-old as he continues to improve his health and feel better.  He loves to play ball and wrestle with Jake, the foster family’s adopted golden.  He takes a morning walk with his foster dad and Jake and likes to carry his toys.  He loves attention and is working on learning commands from his foster mom.  Despite everything he has been through, he is sweet and happy guy.  His next skin check is June 30th.

May, 2012

Shelton came to NRGRR in May 2012.  He was surrendered at a shelter by his owners.  He was only 17 months old but was in terrible shape because of a skin condition called Demodex Mange.  He had numerous open sores all over his body, hardly any hair and had swollen lymph nodes. Demodex is caused by a mite that lives in the hair follicles of dogs. 

 A healthy dog is able to overcome these mites very easily.  In Shelton’s case, his immune system was compromised for some reason and the mites took advantage of this.  The sad thing is that his previous family did take him to the vet, but did not give him his medicine to treat the mites.  When he was surrendered to the shelter, NRGRR was quickly contacted and he was transported to Carefirst Glenwood, a veterinary hospital in Raleigh for treatment.  He required not only the medicine to kill the mites, but he also had skin infections from the open sores on his skin, so he needed two different antibiotics fight off infection.  He also had three different bacterial infections in his ears which required special ear drops twice per day as well as a special wash solution once a day.  He also needed baths with special cleansers twice per week.  He was also very thin at only 53 lbs.


Shelton went home with his foster family a couple days after going to Carefirst.  He was very weak from the Demodex, as well as the infections in his ears.  Slowly, but surely, Shelton has been making a comeback.  Because of his skin, he requires a trip to Carefirst every two weeks to check his skin for mites.  His first skin check on June 1 did show that he still had mites, but he was starting to grow some hair and had no more sores.  He also had only one type of bacteria in his ears, instead of three, so he was making progress.  He started to show more interest in activities around his fosters’ families house including following his foster golden brother Jake around and learning from him.  His skin was very itchy and he had to wear his Elizabethan collar, or as his foster dad calls it, “The Cone” to keep him from scratching his ears. Shelton also started wearing a white T-shirt to keep him from itching his shoulders. He was also put on special supplements with his food to help his skin from the inside out.  His foster mom made him special treats called “Satin Balls” which Shelton loves and helps him take his medicine better. 

If not for the wonderful volunteers NRGRR, Shelton would not have made it.  He is improving daily and showing his true golden colors.

Can you help us help Shelton?  If so, please donate to Blarney's Fund for the special care this special boy deserves.



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