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Rain's Story

 June 23, 2012

 Rainbow Bridge -- I am heartbroken to report that Rain has Crossed the Bridge.  We decided to let Rain go yesterday --  under her magnolia tree with her pine cone stash by her side and some rotisserie chicken in her stomach.  I can remember her so clearly when she came in last Thanksgiving,  She was a trembling, stinking mess -- no fur, gashes all over and a rat tail.  I was shocked at how much she had been neglected.  After "obtaining" a normal thyroid level for her, giving her multiple baths and giving her some pain support she really rallied after about a month.  She was able to walk again, she trotted, she rolled in the grass, she ate pine cones, wagged her tail and smiled all the time...and she was mischievous.  She became a dog again.

It has been a slow slide...her favorite things slipping away...  She would crash and then she'd rally -- but never to the levels previously.  It has been seven months to the day she came home.  I wish it would have been seven years.  I wish I would have known her in her youth.  I wish she would have had a better life.  She didn't deserve the cards that were dealt to her.  She was too good of a dog for the life she was forced to live. 

And for a fitting end to her transition to her forever "home," it began to rain as she passed.  

June 5, 2012

We are so very fortunate to have some very talented photographers who volunteer their time to take exceptional photos of our dogs -- Ellen Ozier, Megan Kime and Todd Folsom -- to name only a few.  Rain was fortunate to have one of our volunteers come to take pictures of her recently so I thought I would share a few. 

Rain's stability and pain management are still a challenge.  She is at a point now where her foster mom carries her outside and back in.  Once she gets moving she is OK, but getting the momentum going is difficult.  So, we've found someone to come to the house to provide laser treatments for her pain management and it really helps!  It decreases the joint pain so she can walk more to maintain her muscle mass. 


Through all of this she has keep her happy outlook, takes her occasional roll in the grass and wags her tail every chance she gets.  Enjoy the new pictures!

May 7, 2012

I am very sorry to report that Rain is not doing well.  She has had to get some additional medication, as her left back leg is failing her and her front left leg is not doing well, either.  She has a hard time in the house, as she can't get up like she used to.  We have a sling for her so she is still able to get outside and she still has an appetite but we are monitoring her daily.















When she can get out to her tree, that is exactly where she goes, plops down and chews on a pine cone.  I know we have a lot of pictures of her under her tree but I thought this one was special.  She is such a little angel.  I truly am honored to have been able to make her a part of my home for the time she has left with us.

 April 8, 2012

Rain wishes everyone a Happy Easter.  Here she is hanging out under her magnolia tree with her pine cones.  We had quite a scare two weeks ago.  Rain became very ill with pancreatitis and was on a I.V. for several days at the emergency hospital.  I was afraid we might lose her but she made it through.

Apparently her arthritis medication (and her GI issues mentioned in her March update) were the culprit.  So, we have taken her off the medication and continuing with supplements, laser treatments on her legs and some pain medication.

She can't get around as well as before but at least her GI tract is better.  We hope to keep updating her story for many months to come and we appreciate your continued support, interest in her story and donations to her care. 

Rain's Foster Mom


 March 11, 2012

 Rain is enjoying the warmer weather so she can hang out in her favorite spot in the back yard -- under a magnolia tree where she keeps a pile of pine cones (silly girl).

We have been having some issues with her GI tract this month so her foster mom has been consulting with her vets a lot.  We still don't know the issue but we will continue to work on it.  If you could help with a small donation, we'd appreciate it.

Other than that, she's been doing pretty well.  Big news for her foster mom is that she is finally growing fur on her tail!  She is actually starting to look like the lovely, sweet older golden girl that she is on the inside.




February 12, 2012

Rain has some great news.  She is going to be taken care of for the rest of her life by NRGRR.  She has become a permanent foster and will be able to stay with her foster family.  That is wonderful news because she has become very comfortable with her routine and her life in foster care.  She will be on medication for the rest of her life, so NRGRR will cover the costs and any other medical care she might need.  We will continue to send updates and thank you to everyone who has contributed to her care.  We appreciate the support and your continued interest in her.

February 5, 2012

I haven't mentioned that it is very difficult to take photos of Rain.  By the time she hears the shutter to the time the picture snaps, she has turned her head.  There is not much new in her life this week.  Her fur is growing in more and she has the softest, downy fur I have ever felt.  Her skin is flaking less, as well, so the good food she has been fed is doing its job.

Rain absolutely LOVES little kids.  There is a little girl (possibly seven or eight) that gets off a school bus sometimes when we are walking and Rain just lights up and tries to trot over to the little girl for petting and affection.  It breaks my heart because Rain must have had small children in her life before she became so badly neglected.  She obviously has not forgotten "her little girl."

This is a shot with her favorite antler.  You can also see her stuffed monkey that she carries around with her wherever she goes.  It is so cute to watch her carrying her things around as she moves from spot to spot.

If you could contribute -- just a little -- to Rain's care, we would greatly appreciate any support for her care.  Since we are using a "slow kill" heartworm treatment on her, she will be with us for a longer period of time than a typical foster.

January 28, 2012

Rain is very excited because she is going to have a visitor tomorrow.  We have several very talented and wonderful professional photographers in our organization who volunteer their time to help our dogs by taking fabulous pictures of them.  Tomorrow is Rain's big day for her professional photos.  We will get some posted as soon as we can.  In the mean time, she went in for a maintenance laser treatment today and celebrated by coming home and rolling in the grass. 


 January 24, 2012

Rain is getting ready for Valentine's Day so she agreed to pose for  this picture.  She wants to thank her supporters who have donated to NRGRR for her care. 

She has many beds on the lower level of her foster home but she has chosen the landing in the stair well as her "nest" -- as you can see in this picture.  It is two steps up from the floor so she is able to get herself in and out of her nest.  The funny thing is that she regularly toddles into the family room (where the toy basket is located), grabs a little toy and takes it back to her nest and tucks it in her blankets.  It is SO cute.

Her fur is starting to grow in and it is curly.  She still has a bit of a rat tail...nothing coming in there yet, but I hope that over time that she will grow fur on her tail again.  Fur or not, her tail wags all the time so that is what is most important.

 Rain had a sebaceous cyst develop and explode on her back last week so she had to go to the vet to make sure it was not something worse.  There is another one developing on her neck, so keep your fingers crossed that all goes well with this one.  Check back for more updates.  Rain loves your support!


 January, 2012

Rain got all dressed up for Christmas in her finest attire, which you can see in this photo.  What a little love she is.  I have never heard her bark.  She follows me around like a little puppy…even off leash in the yard.  She’s tried to go on adventures outside the yard but since she is so slow she can’t get very far and always turns back once I give her a reminder “touch” on her neck to say "stay close" (she still can’t hear a lot of things…or is that just the little old lady in her?  Who knows). 

We’re continuing with her thyroid meds and her heartworm treatment.  I can’t tell you how much her laser treatments have helped her walking and stamina.  It is quite amazing.  Rain has so quickly become a part of the ebb and flow of the household.  I can’t imagine why she was so neglected in the past.  She is just such a loving girl and I can see from the twinkle in her eyes that she may be having the time of her life for the first time in her life.  I hope you can find it in your heart to donate to Rain’s care.  Our seniors are such great dogs and they deserve the best care and comfort that we can provide.

 December, 2011

There were some questions in my mind about Rain’s general health as she started to settle in at my house.  She could not step up or down more than one or two stairs without collapsing with all four legs splayed out.  My wood floors were not navigable, so my trusty, ugly floor runners came down from the attic, which make it so much easier for her to walk around the first floor of the house.  So, I took her in for some blood work, some x-rays, and continued to give her baths to get rid of her “smell” and to help try to control the skin that was flaking off of her like snow. 

What we found is her thyroid levels are non-existent, which is great news, because that can be treated with a very inexpensive daily medication.  Yeah Rain!  So, we started giving it to her immediately and we noticed a marked improvement.  The bad news was that she has – what one of our vets said – is some of the worst untreated hip dysplasia he has seen.  Poor thing…she must have been in pain her whole life.  So, she’s on medication for the pain and I am taking her in for laser treatments for her back and hips.  WOW.  What an improvement!  Can you say trot?  She is so cute, so happy...trots whenever she can.  Her two favorite things now are trotting out to the front yard with a stuffed duck in her mouth and occasionally flopping down to roll in the grass.  She does it with such gusto; it just makes me laugh out loud.  Then she just freezes on her back to watch the world upside down.  Silly girl.




November 2011

How could any human being be so cruel to neglect and abandon a sweet, beautiful senior golden retriever who has provided only love to her humans for the years she has been on this earth?  It is a question I ask myself every day when I look into the sweet and loving eyes of my little Rain -- my little old lady -- every day.  I don’t have an answer to that question and probably never will.  Through all this girl has been through she still absolutely adores her human beings and greets every day with a wildly wagging tail and smile.  This is Rain’s story.

Early in the day on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving we received a notice from someone telling us that there was a very old golden retriever who was on her way to be euthanized at a shelter in the Eastern part of North Carolina.  The shelter was closing for the long holiday weekend and the animals all had to go.  We were told she had been shaved because she came in so matted but we had no idea what deplorable condition she was in until we got there.  Our volunteer who drove several hours to get her got her back to one of our vet offices only hours before they were going to close for the weekend.  Everyone was shocked at her condition, as her “shave” job had resulted in large gashes in her skin that had not been treated and had become infected.  She smelled so badly that it took a series of baths over a few weeks to get rid of the stench.  She has heartworm – which we are treating with a “slow kill” method.  We found two mast cell tumors and removed them.  She had ears so infected that she is partially deaf and cataracts that cloud her eyes making it difficult for her to see.  She could not walk and had to be carried.  She stayed at the vet’s office to recover until her foster mom could pick her up late on Friday following Thanksgiving Day.

What a pitiful girl she was.  She was so weak and lethargic.  She’d tremble uncontrollably for the first week she was in her foster home, but slowly her sweet little personality started to emerge.





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