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Peace - A Life In The Shadows

For weeks she lived her life in the shadows behind the fast food restaurant - starving, in pain and desperate for human touch.  As people would come and go she would appear - begging for affection and handouts from kind people who would share portions of their meals, always wagging her tail and hoping someone would help her.  Some people would feed her.  Nobody would touch her.  She looked so diseased. 

Finally, someone took pity on our miracle girl and took her to a shelter.  They quickly realized her condition was so advanced that she was unadoptable (a death sentence).  After a call to NRGRR, Peace soon heard the best words in the world whispered into her ear…’Don’t worry sweetie, you’re safe.  Your life begins today.’  She buried her head in our volunteer’s lap, closed her eyes and sighed. 

Peace came to us with one of the worst cases of skin fungus, bacteria and fur loss we had seen in a long time.  She also was infected with worms of all sorts, including heartworm, and had ear infections so severe that the canals were almost completely shut.  Upon intake, her foster mom recalls that there were so many bags full of medication that it took two trips to her car to get them home.  The vet advised us that she may not “make it.” 

It took many months of bi-weekly medicated baths, daily powders and ear medications to help Peace’s body start to heal.  Medication for intestinal worms and heartworm were started at the same time.  With help from CareFirst, Heal mobile pet laser, and the Animal Dermatology and Allergy Clinic, Peace’s recovery plan was set.


After a month of special care, her black, scabby skin started to peel away and pink skin emerged.  After six weeks Peace’s foster mom saw “fuzz” on her belly.  Could it be?  Was she going to grow fur again?  It was Thanksgiving Day and Peace got extra turkey.  She was going to “make it.”  

Peace continued to heal externally over the next months and completed her heartworm treatment.  Sadly, her ear infections were so advanced that her ears will not completely recover.  Her funny personality had emerged.  This little girl never stopped wagging her tail or smiling, always at her foster mom’s side – tolerating now-weekly baths and daily ear cleanings.  It was time…time to find her a home.


There is a common faith among dedicated fosters that there is a home for every dog who comes through our program.  It takes longer, sometimes, for certain dogs to find their families, but they do.  Fortunately, Peace found her perfect family.  They are everything she needs…thoughtful, dedicated to her continued special care needs and absolutely over-the-moon in love with her.  Peace, now Maggie, is safe, loved and will never have to beg for food or affection again.  She’s home.

Your donation to Blarney’s Fund in honor of Peace and her foster mom will help us save more goldens - because no dog should live a life in the shadows. 

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