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Omega's Story

 December 4, 2012

Guess what?  I have found my forever home.  Thanks to NRGRR for rescuing me and my son, Alpha, and thanks to you for contributing to my care.  I promise I won't forget you!  Don't I look great?




October 29, 2012

Hi everyone this is Omega writing!  First, I want to send a big shout out to my friend in the mountains of N.C. who has sent me very fancy cookies. Thanks that is so very nice of you.

I barely recognize the girl in the before pictures (below). My mom said I looked too serious in the after picture when I was lying down, so I tried laughing on the sofa, and I think she liked that better.  You can see how pretty my eyes are now that my infections are gone.  I've gained about 12 pounds, and have had several procedures which have helped me heal and become the beauty that I am today.

My mom says that my prey instinct is very strong, I just know that I try to chase squirrels (doesn't everyone?).  I LOVE to watch T.V. at the end of the day with my family before I go to bed. Everyone tells me I am such a sweet, sweet girl.  I really like my two foster sibling goldens, but I am not very interested in any of their toys.  I am not a huge fan of the car, but I behave quite nicely for the ride.

I LOVE to go for walks although my mom says I need to keep them short because of my recent heart worm treatment. Someday I would love a fenced yard of my own so that I can explore for hours.  Now that I have had my final treatment, my mom thinks I will be ready to look for a new family in about four weeks!  Put me on your list of dogs to visit with. I would love to meet you soon!

Love, Miss O. 


August 19, 2012

 Omega’s background is a little fuzzy, like most of our dogs. 

The story goes that she and her son (Alpha) are strays that came to a shelter and after some Olympic-level gymnastics, we were able to pull them from the shelter. 

Given the condition of their teeth, there is a theory that they may have chewed their way out of a cage or fence, but still just a theory...only these two know the real story.  They have a laundry list of ailments including ear and eye infections, multiple worms, and somewhat advanced mange.  They will both need entropian eyelid surgery, a spay/neuter, and teeth extractions and heart worm treatments when they are strong enough to tolerate the procedures. 




For her first days in rescue, Omega just existed. She only ate and slept.  She did not make a sound -- not a bark or cry, or even a heavy sigh. 

She is starting to show some personality now that she is getting comfortable with her surroundings…quite literally….as she helped herself to the sofa today!  The very first sign of life was when she cried because she was so itchy.  Later that day, she let out a nice belch after a fine meal.  She hates to leave the house for potty breaks, I think she is afraid of being left outside.

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