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Nova's Story 

Update - July 28, 2013

Guess what!  I have been adopted and I have my very own home where I will be loved for the rest of my life!  Thank you to everyone who donated to the Blarney's Way Fund to help with all my medical care.  You are the best!


Update - July 15, 2013

Great news everybody!!  I am available for adoption.  Thank you to everyone who donated to the Blarney's Way Special Needs Fund so I could get better.  I could not have made my journey without your support.  Read about me on my very own "available dogs" page!  Thanks again, everyone.  I won't forget you.


Update - July 3, 2013 


Hi everyone.  I am doing so well.   I feel good and I am ready to romp.  My Healing Touch therapist, Stephanie, has made a big difference in how I feel.  Stephanie comes every week and gives me therapy.  It feels GREAT!   I am sooo full of myself afterward.  You should really see me dance.  They tell me I am very SASSY!
I made a visit to an event this past Sunday.   I am not available, yet, but wanted to check it out.  It was a lot of fun and there were so many wonderful friends there, two- and four-legged.   I got a bunch of attention `cause I am really beautiful (I overheard people saying that).  Did you know that my picture is in the running for the calendar?  WOW!!!!  You can check me out on the website!  (Vote for me too--if you would like to).
Back to the event.  I was fabulous with all the other dogs and people of all sizes.  I did not lick a single baby in the face!  The best part of the day was the car ride.   I absolutely LOVE car rides.  I tried to go with people into the parking lot.  I thought maybe they would let me ride in their car. 
I just have about two more weeks until my next heartworm test.  Cross your fingers for a negative.  After my next test, I will start going for walks.  I am pretty good on a leash, but can be stubborn sometimes.  Especially if you want to make me turn before I am ready to head back.  My back legs are getting better and I can go up the stairs all by myself and even alternate feet sometimes--cool, right?  I still don't like stairs though.  I want someone beside me holding my leash or collar when I go down.  It makes me feel safe:)
I will let you know how my next test goes and when you all can meet me at an adoptathon. In the mean time, please donate, if you can, to the Blarneys Way Fund so I can pay my vet bills!  I don't have a job so I need help with that. (The donation button is at the bottom of the page...hint).



Update- June 14, 2013



Hi there, just wanted to let everybody know what I‘ve been up to…basically not a whole lot.. but not by choice!  I just finished my second and third - final heartworm injections and I am really sore!!!  Wheewwww…I am so glad that it's over and I'm back with my foster family.  I swear  those needles seem to get longer every time.

I really want to have some fun. The rain has stopped and I want to go out and play with my foster fur buddies. They are a lot smaller and want to play ball with me but I can’t seem to keep up.  My legs are still weak and wobbly.  Stairs are not my favorite thing right now.  I struggle a lot and my foster mom has to carry me.  Plus, my muscles are extra sore from those big needles the other day.

Anyways, I have been told by those nice vet-people at Care First no strenuous activities (Sighhhhhh).  Oh well, they know what’s best for me and so does my foster mom.   I guess I will sit by the side line and watch.  Maybe next month I will start to feel better and can get in on the action!  I’ll keep my paws crossed.

Thank you for all the contributions and continued support and for all the well wishes on Facebook. 



Update - May 18, 2013 

Hi everybody, Nova here.

Uggghhh…. I just came from the doctor’s office and I don’t feel good at all!!!  I just received my first heartworm injection and that needle really hurt!  I also developed a nice size lump and infection from the incision on my head and the nice people at CareFirst aspirated it.  That needle was longer then the first one.  Ouch!!  I’ve seen too many needles today and I don’t like them.  Thank goodness my foster mom was there to comfort me.

I’m at a good weight, 49 pounds.  My foster mom thinks I look good at that weight because of my petite frame.  I really want to play and run around but my legs are aching so badly because I've been too sick to exercise and build some muscles.  Because I started heartworm treatment, I shouldn’t be running around anyways as it might make things worse! (sigh).  They gave me new pain medication today and hope it works better.  I had to switch because the last medicine was giving me some bad digestive problems.  It’s not very lady like and to be honest, quite embarrassing.

I’m having a rough time right now.  See my picture?  I bury my head when I’m feeling bad.  My foster family feels so sad and wishes they could do more for me.

Thank you all for the love and support and well wishes.



Update - April 17, 2013

Hi there.  I know a lot of people have been asking about me so I wanted to let everybody know that I’m doing okay and resting at home on an ice pack (if you missed what happened check out the NRGRR Facebook page).

I did give my foster mom and the rescue quite a scare. I had spay surgery and also surgery on my belly to remove some suspicious lumps.  I thought I was strong enough for the surgery but it was a lot harder on my little body than I expected.  Due to my fragile condition, the vets wanted me to stay at the emergency room overnight so they could keep a close eye on me.

I don't remember much of it because I was so tired...I could hardly keep my eyes open.  I woke up a couple times when they came to give me some food, but then I went right back to sleep.  Because of all the prayers and happy thoughts that were sent, I only spent one night there before I was allowed to go home.  Thank goodness because it was scary being there without my family.  Although I still sleep a lot, I feel better when I can be at home with them taking care of me.

I did get my stitches removed on my head and it’s starting to look better. My hair is starting to grow and cover up the scar. I’m quite a mess right now …. I’m feeling tired a lot and it really hurts to walk. I’m so lucky to have my foster mom and the rescue to help me through this. They have been really good to me and giving me medicine to help with the pain. I’m hoping to get my appetite up as well…. I just haven’t felt like eating anything except for some wet crackers.


Please send more happy thoughts and I promise to give more updates and let everybody know how I’m doing.  And please consider a donation to Blarney's Way.  It will help pay my bills.



Update - April 12, 2013

I know what you’re thinking, I look like Frankendoggie!  You can laugh. I do . I finally got my beauty mark removed last week.  It’s a little itchy and I try not to paw at it so I don’t have to wear the "cone of shame," but it’s really hard not to.  I hope to get the stitches removed really soon.  During that same surgery, I also got my teeth cleaned!  It was hard to see underneath all that black tar but they were able to remove the plaque and save my teeth .  Thank goodness.  Because we were really worried I was going to have to have a lot of teeth pulled out.

I’ve been in foster care for a little over two weeks and eating six times a day.  One would think I could gain 20 pounds easily?  Well, I guess it’s not that least for me.  This could literally be the battle of a lifetime.  I’ve only gained five pounds and it’s not enough.  I need to gain as much weight as possible to go through another surgery and then heartworm treatments.  I still have some suspicious lumps under my belly.  But my upcoming surgery was postponed because I am still too thin.  My foster family is doing everything they can to help me grow strong.  They love me and I know that means I will be ok.

The next several months will be challenging, but I know the rescue is going to be with me thru it all.  Please keep sending happy thoughts -- and don't forget to donate to Blarney's Way so I can pay my bills!


Love and licks, Nova 




Hi, my name is Nova.

The last few months have been really hard to remember.  I knew I was not in a good place and my hopes of finding food and water were looking pretty grim.  The only thing I remember before my eyes closed was being picked up, and then when I awoke, half-dazed, someone was putting small amounts of food and water in my mouth.  When I became fully conscious, I found out that some nice people found me staggering and disoriented along a lonely dirt road and carried me into one of the nearby shelters.  They could see I was so weak and dehydrated I could not walk.  I was pretty lifeless, you could say.  I came in at only 38 pounds and dangerously thin.

 I was placed under intensive critical care with the shelter staff vet where I was hand fed puppy food for several days so I could regain my strength and put on a little weight.  I almost didn’t make it …..but I did.

I am now in foster care and in a place I would have never imagined...not in my wildest dreams.  I am getting better every day, but the reality of it all is I have some major challenges ahead of me.

My teeth are coated in the blackest plaque anyone has seen.  I have several suspicious growths under my belly and on my head and a heavy load of heart worms that is taking over my barely-there body.  I can’t even begin heart worm treatment unless I gain some weight.  It's a lot to think about for an eight-year-old golden girl like me.

I promise to help with updates to let you know how I am doing.



Thanks to a generous donor, Nova has a sponsor who will be contributing to Blarney's Way to help pay for her medical costs.  Please join her wonderful sponsor and consider a donation to Blarney's Way to help us help dogs like Nova.



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