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Mulligan's Story


December 2011

Mulligan (despite having a very rocky year this year) has lived up to his name and he has, indeed, used his "mulligan," as he has been adopted by his wonderful, dedicated foster family.  He still has work to do with his recovery, but we are happy to say that he has a family who will see him through it and give him the wonderful life he deserves.


 November 2011

Great news for our orthopedic boy Mulligan.  His pins have been successfully removed and he is back home with his wonderful foster.  He is going through a lot of stretching exercises right now and will be going back to his rehabilitation vet soon to resume his work to recover the functionality in his leg.  Keep your fingers crossed for Mulligan! 


October 2011

Mulligan is finally back in his foster home a couple of days a week!!  While at his foster home he has to do a lot of stretching exercises which is painful for him but he tolerates it well.  His foster gives him a ball or a bone to bite, kind of like biting on a bullet!    He whimpers but wags his tail the entire time.  He also has to spend time on the treadmill daily which is tiring for him.  Then he goes back to live with his rehab vet.  Despite all the issues with his leg, Mulligan is a happy fellow with a lot of puppy left in him.  He has been playing with his foster buddy, Baci, and acts much more like the young golden retriever he should be.  He thinks he's in Disney World with all the doggie toys and a new playmate.  NRGRR has given this young fellow a chance at a normal life and I hope all the treatments and surgeries will improve his quality of life.

In mid-November, he's back to his vet for another surgery to remove the pins.  We are hoping that this will help regenerate nerves so he will have feeling in his toes again.  If that works, he should place the pads properly on the ground 100 percent of the time, instead of the top of his foot.  He's definitely a work in progress physically, but the perfect golden in attitude and loving nature.  Although he still needs a lot of rehab, at least he can spend most of the time now in a real home, outside of the cage. Stay tuned for more updates as Mulligan works through his rehab and moves toward finding his forever home.

September 2011

After the second attempt to save the leg Mulligan lived at the vet office for several weeks and then was moved to an animal rehabilitation clinic to live for another few weeks in order to get the leg to heal properly.  This was very costly but it was the only way we could get the leg to heal and help him regain some muscle and function to his leg.  Through all of this he has been a real trooper…kind to all and always ready for the next day.  Thanks so much to our vets at CareFirst and Dr. Jones at Animal Rehabilitation Clinic in Durham for making this guy whole again.

 August 2011

Poor Mulligan came into our program in August 2011.  He was eight months old then and weighed 45 pounds.  He had been hit by a car and his owner took him to their vet but could not afford treatment.  The vet there was not equipped for orthopedic surgery and could only amputate the leg so he called NRGRR.  Our vets at CareFirst put eight pins in his bone in an attempt to save the back leg.  He also had a broken scapula and bruised pelvis.  They could not treat the scapula because his back leg was worse so the shoulder had to heal on its own.  Late in August we discovered that he had re-broken the leg.  Since there wasn't any room left in the bone for more pins, our vet wrapped wire around and around the bone in an attempt to hold it together long enough for it to heal.  The poor guy was having a very hard time of it.


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