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Dear Sweet Maxamillion came to NRGRR as an owner surrender in November of 2013… but he really wasn’t so dear or so sweet when he first arrived.  His initial exam revealed poor dental care and cataracts.  At 9 years old, displaced from the only family and home he had ever known, he was one grouchy old man.  He was not interested in making nice with his new foster brothers and sister and had to be kept separated.

Lucky for Max, his fosters were patient, kind and very observant!  Although he appeared to have been taken care of, they quickly discovered he was in a lot of pain. The culprit was a severely abscessed tooth. Neuse River quickly jumped into action and arranged to have the tooth extracted.  Unfortunately, the abscess had gone on so long that it had softened his jaw bone and during extraction, the bone gave way and injured his sinus.  The complications were serious but he pulled through the surgery with the help of the great vets and techs at CareFirst and went to his foster home to heal.


With the abscessed tooth gone, Maxamillion was no longer in pain and quickly began to bond with his foster family…even his canine siblings! Within just three days he was part of the pack, running, playing and even sleeping alongside the resident goldens.  His true personality was beginning to reveal itself.

Max’s next hurdle would be his cataracts. An extensive examination at Animal Eye Care revealed he had 85-90 percent vision in his right eye.  There was a small cataract present, very immature and likely to take several years to mature.  In his left eye, he had a fully mature cataract and no vision at all.  He could see only light and dark.  Removing the cataract could restore full vision to the left eye.  

For the next six weeks, while Max prepared for surgery and recovery with lots of exercise and good nutrition; he learned about doggie socialization and how to make friends.  He became a loving companion, polite gentleman and learned to trust.

Surgery day arrived and unfortunately the procedure did not completely restore Max’s vision.  The cataract had caused more damage to his retina than originally thought, but his eyesight did improve to about 70 percent.  After many days of multiple eye drops and numerous follow up visits with Dr. Fontenelle at Animal Eye Care, Max was ready for adoption.

Ten weeks to the day after coming to NRGRR, Maxamillion found his forever home with a wonderful family.   A message from his adoptive family confirms he is the center of attention and enjoying his golden years:


'Thanks for checking in on Max.  He is lying by my side as I write this.  He is such a sweet thing. 

 We think we are seeing more of Max's personality emerge. He is a bit more energetic now than when he first arrived; we attribute this to his being more settled in.  He now seems eager to go for longer walks, whereas earlier he was happy to turn around after a short distance.   Max continues to be a slow starter in the morning, though.  He really won't get up when I do!  Even when he finally wakes himself up, usually after 7:00 a.m., he's just as happy to go out for a pee, then go back to bed for an hour before letting us know it's time for breakfast. During the day, when we aren't out and about together, he is usually lying within a few feet of wherever I am, or waiting at the back door for us to come home.'


Maxamillion’s specialized care came with a hefty price tag…but Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue never gives up on a dog due to the cost of medical care.  Blarney’s Fund helps dogs like Max with extraordinary medical needs. Please consider making a donation to Blarney’s Fund in support of dogs like Maxamillion who require more than routine care.








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