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Marley's Story

From Marley’s mom…

Marley arrived at our house the Friday after Thanksgiving 2013. He was four years old and had been surrendered to the rescue by a family who could not afford his medical care.  He walked into our home and into our hearts.  He immediately became fast friends with our goldens, Desi and Beauty, both adopted years earlier from NRGRR.

Marley was sweet, friendly and oh so handsome!   Although his tail never stopped wagging, it was very clear he was in pain…we could hear the bones in his knees “click” when he walked.  We knew he needed surgery right away.  We also knew that recovery and rehab would mean a long foster experience but we were ready!  He had us at hello…

In early December, Marley had surgery at Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Cary to repair two torn ACLs in both back legs.  We visited him regularly while he was in the hospital, making sure he had plenty of love and, of course, his favorite treats.   His rehab began slowly…but right away.   He came home with antibiotics, pain meds and lots and lots of instructions.  Imagine surgery on both back knees…and he never once complained.  We followed Dr. Spotnik’s protocol, increasing exercise, icing, heat and physical therapy as the weeks progressed.

Can you say Wolfpack?   Marley’s physical therapy included regular and underwater treadmill, balance ball and sit to stand exercises – all done at the NCSU Vet School.   His therapists were wonderful and through all this, Marley remained true to his golden personality… sweet, loving and easy going. 

Full recovery from the surgery took about twelve weeks but the healing continues.  It will take a good six to twelve months to restore complete strength to his knees and back legs but he’s a trooper!   Marley continues to do his exercises and is such a sweet soul.

Our beloved Desi crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 8th after a short illness but we know he is watching over us and Marley, the dog he welcomed into his pack in late November.   Desi knew from the very beginning Marley had come to his forever home, we were just a little slower to understand.

We made it official in February and adopted Marley.   We are his and he is ours.


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