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Maggie_RescueIn February 2017, a request was made for a foster for a 5 year old stray Golden mix, Magnolia.  She had been found on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere with a broken leg, and in a lot of pain.  The broken bone was exposed, and the wound contaminated.  Two days later Magnolia went to her foster home.  

Magnolia's vet care became a whirlwind of appointments, medications, and treatment plan changes.  Unfortunately, she had a massive infection in her leg, and there was a daily battle with her to take her pills.  She HATED those pills!!  Between fighting the infection in her leg, a skin infection on her neck and belly, and an ear infection, Magnolia had a LOT on her plate.  
Unfortunately the infection in her leg just wouldn't let up, and so the decision to amputate was made. Magnolia did really well with the surgery! For the first 7-10 days her activity had to be greatly limited but, after that, she began re-learning how to navigate the world as a tri-pawd. She was a love bug, and you could tell just how happy she was, in spite of all the challenges she faced. 

Her foster mom had a trip coming up, and so a temporary foster home was needed. It only took two days after meeting her for her new foster mom to realize that Magnolia was there to stay. Magnolia quickly made friends with the resident Golden as she seemed to know that he was very sick, and his time in this world was limited.  She wasn't completely out of the woods yet as the infection on her leg area Maggie_Adoptwouldn't give up.  After some additional care, and having to spend a week at the vet, the "light at the end of the tunnel" had begun to shine.  It was as if she knew she had to get for the attention to be on her foster brother's illness.  Unfortunately, he passed in May and Magnolia became the best companion somebody in grief could ask for.  In June, her adoption was finalized, and she became an official member of the family now as "Maggie". 

Maggie took second place in the “most expensive dog of 2017” category with nearly $8,000 in veterinary bills.  Please consider donating to Blarney's fund to help NRGRR cover her medical expenses.

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