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Madge's Story


In early February 2013, NRGRR rescued a young female, about three years old, from a shelter in eastern North Carolina.  She had been picked up as a stray and was in need of our help.  She was very scared but very sweet.  We knew little about her, but she had rope burns around her neck, which led us to believe she may have been tied to a tree.    

Madge arrived at CareFirst and was scheduled to be spayed right away… but during her initial exam she tested positive for Ehrlichia, a tick borne disease which affects the white blood cells.  The risk of bleeding was very high so the surgery was delayed.  By the time she was stable, an x-ray revealed our new girl Madge was in a family way and about two weeks from delivery.  No history and puppies coming - now we were scared.  We had so many questions… When would the puppies be born?  Would they be alive?  If alive, how long would they live?

The call went out for a foster and a most wonderful family stepped up, ready and willing to take on the challenge.  Her foster mom helped Madge to get in the best possible condition to have her pups and on March 1, 2013, at about 2:00 a.m., they began to arrive.  One by one, seven beautiful little black puppies arrived - Flapjack, Gracie, Onyx, Ruby, Sedona, Tesla and Tracy - all alive and healthy!   And then the totally unexpected surprise…12 hours later…little Nick!

 Madge’s foster family marveled at her sweet maternal nature and endless patience with both humans and her sweet (but demanding) babies.  Being a mother to a litter of eight was a tall order but she handled it beautifully.  The puppies grew…gaining weight every day…eventually outgrowing their indoor “swimming pool” and moving into their Puppy Containment System 2000  They explored indoors and out, learned about life, developed individual personalities and grew more and more independent. 


When it was time, the puppies attended several adoptathons and were always the main attraction…of no surprise to anyone!  Then, with the help of their foster mom and dad, the perfect home was found for each of these wonderful little miracles.  But the story doesn’t end there…nope…no way.

Now it was Madge’s turn to find just the right home where she would be loved and adored, protected and nurtured for the rest of her life, just like her puppies.   We all knew there was no better place for Madge than the house she already called home…and her foster family knew it too but they didn’t tell!  Throughout the entire puppy process they kept their secret, but when the time came to find Madge a permanent home they stepped forward and announced that they would be adopting their sweet girl. Their bond was unbreakable.  And Madge would not be losing touch with all her puppies, they were also adopting Sedona!


Unfortunately at the age of six months, sweet little Nick, the runt and last born of the litter, lost his fight for life.  Although he had grown well and developed as expected, there were underlying birth defects that presented themselves after his adoption.  His family provided all the love and medical care possible and gave him the best six months any puppy could have ever hoped for.  


 On March 1st of this year the remaining seven puppies and their families celebrated their first birthday at a party hosted by none other than Lori and Mike, the fosters we lovingly refer to as the Mayors of Puppyland.   And here’s what Lori had to say following the party:

‘This was the realization of a dream......that I would find forever homes that loved these puppies as much as I do.  I didn't realize when I sat in foster class that I was about to embark on such a project of the heart.  The foster orientation class should be renamed "Paying It Forward."  Seeing the smiles on the kids' faces when they proudly posed for pictures with their birthday pup was beyond words.  One of the little girls told me as she helped me cut the doggy cake that she was going to grow up and rescue dogs like I had done.  Just so the great volunteers of this group know....with one rescue, we made a difference in the lives of nine unwanted dogs and planted the seeds of rescue in the hearts of eight families.  These dogs are, in fact, loved.  Thank you again for this opportunity.  It has forever changed my life and filled my home with delightful fur both black and gold.  With much love,  Lori.’

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