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Macy May


In December of 2013, we were made aware of a lovely senior girl in a shelter who was in real trouble.  We were told her condition was horrible.  Because of the wound on her back, her medical chart at the shelter simply said … ‘put her down.’ 

It was lucky for this senior girl that there was a shelter worker who believed she could and should be saved.  She placed a call to our intake coordinator in eastern N.C., and Macy May’s NRGRR journey began!  Our volunteer picked her up and drove her half way to Raleigh, transferring her to another volunteer, who brought her the rest of the way in.  We named her Macy May and we told her over and over again that her life had changed that day and we would love her and take care of her.  We were determined to keep our promise! 

In addition to the hideous wound on her back, Macy May was also heartworm positive.  The surgery on her back would require a long and delicate surgery that our vets at CareFirst won't ever forget.  Macy May's foster worked long and hard with her.  Healing was difficult and she found every way possible to scratch her healing back.  But her foster mom never gave up, and when the back wound healed…the heartworm treatment began. 

From Macy May’s loving foster mom:

First of all, who could not fall in love with Macy?  Look at that face!  The eyes had me from the very beginning.

We think Macy is six or seven years old.  Like many rescues her teeth are worn down abnormally, and her hind legs and hips were weak from lack of exercise, so her age is really a guess.  She was already spayed.  The longer I had Macy the more I realized she had been with people who cared about her and spent time with her.  She was well behaved and understood basic commands.
My other dogs are both NRGRR dogs.  We have had Kirby for 12 years.  She is 15.  We fostered and adopted Gracie in 2010 (aka Greta, also a Blarney dog).  Kirby and Gracie are tightly bonded but they are always good with our foster dogs. Macy did well with both of them, but really interacted mostly with us.  Poor Macy had a long recovery from her initial surgery.  The incision was huge and probably painful.

Macy was a trooper about the e-collar.  She never tried to tear it off and she wore it for months.  She did, however, lull me into thinking she was okay without it while I was with her, or that a different, more comfortable collar would be okay.  She would not touch the wound for hours and then when my guard was down, it took her no time to lick and pull stitches out. 

Then, as soon as Macy was feeling good enough to play, it was time for heartworm treatment.  She is calm by nature, so keeping her quiet was not a problem.  She spent a lot of time at our feet or with her head in someone’s lap.  She is a real velcro dog.  If I was home, she was right next to me.

My sister and her husband introduced me to goldens almost 20 years ago.  Their most recent girl died from lymphoma in September at 11 years.  They have another dog, Charlotte, who is part long haired dachshund and a real character.  My sister found her in the woods near their home.  They absolutely dote on their dogs and I knew they really missed their golden.  Macy is very even tempered, very sweet, and I knew that that she would fit in to their laid back life style.  In February they allegedly came to see an exhibit at a museum, but I think the real reason for the visit was to meet Macy.  They fell in love instantly.   But Macy still had heartworm treatments two and three to go before she was adoptable.
Macy May was adopted in mid-March and went to live with my sister and her husband.    As it happened, I left Macy with them on a Sunday and my brother in law’s sister passed away that week.  Macy had already settled in and was a real comfort.   Some things are just meant to be.
I understand Macy and Charlotte get along great.   Macy May now lives on about 40 acres and dogs and people go for at least two long walks a day.  She is getting a lot stronger and more and more of her true personality is coming through.  I had seen signs of her determined nature near the end of her stay with us.  Macy adopted our Gracie’s favorite past time of digging for moles.  Only Macy really excelled at the digging part.  I would call her to me and she would look at me as if to say, ‘What? Can’t you see I’m busy here?’  Recently, my sister told me they had discovered Macy absolutely loves the water.  They are surrounded by creeks and ponds and a swimming pool.  She had initially ignored them all.   Then one day, they were taking one of their walks after a big rain and Macy turned around to go back to an especially large puddle.  My sister thought she was thirsty.  Well it turned out Macy was hot.  So she lay down in the water and started to roll around in it.  They think the pool could be a favorite past time. Along with the creek and the pond.
We miss her a lot.  I wanted to adopt her myself.  But I have had three goldens at one time.  While there is lots of love and fun, there is also lots of hair and vet bills.   I am very happy she has stayed in the family and we look forward to seeing her often.  I could have given her a good home, but my sister and her husband are giving her the time of her life!  It is the perfect place for her and I hope she has a long and happy life.

Your donation to Blarney’s Fund in honor of Macy May and her foster mom will help us save more goldens. 

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