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Jericho's Story


Jericho has been adopted!  He has moved to South Carolina with a wonderful family who rescues special needs goldens.  We wish Jericho a wonderful life.  His expenses were very high while he was with us through most of 2011, so if you could sponsor Jericho and help us defray the costs for his specialist visits and medications we would appreciate it. No amount is too big or too small.

November 15

Jericho has been adopted.  Can you believe it?  There is a great family out there for every dog.  Knowing that he is a "special needs" boy, his new family wanted him to join them for the rest of his life.  Congratulations Jericho!

October 15

 Hello Jericho fans!  I am still here in my foster home "living large" as my foster mom likes to say.  I am still having some "good" days and some "bad" days so my foster mom took me in for some more tests last week.  She said that I get too many odd infections and my blood pressure is still too high.  She also noticed that I was feeling a little funky and I wasn't eating...not even weenies (my favorite) so I had to go in for a test on my lymph nodes ('cause they were a little large). 

So, the test came back yesterday and it says I might have lymphoma.  Not that I DO have lymphoma, but I might have it.  I guess that's not too good.  So, I will keep hanging out here to see what happens.  And I promise I will update again soon -- because if I don't have that awful disease I should be available for adoption!  So, keep your fingers crossed for me...I could be "living large" with you soon.

August 21

Sorry that we have not had more updates on our boy Jericho.  He has become a kind of "mystery" dog to us and to his vets.  His blood pressure had come down and now it is dangerously high again.  He has been going in for checks every week.  He is on medication that should be controlling and stabilizing his blood pressure but we have not found the right combination yet.  There is some concern that his heartworm (that is now gone) not only damaged his heart but his kidneys, as well (which would explain his blood pressure challenges).  He continues to be a great and loving boy.  He's a joy to have around.  Loves his walks.  Plays with squeaky toys from time to time.  He will stay in foster care until we can get to the bottom of his challenges.  He is on special food right now which is costly to his foster and daily medication.  If you could help with the cost of those by giving a small donation we would certainly appreciate it.

August 2

As of the end of July, Jericho's blood pressure has returned to normal.  Congratualtions Jericho!  He has been going to the vet every week for blood pressure checks and blood and urine analysis.  What we are finding, however, is that his other "tests" are leading us to wonder if he does not also have kidney damage caused by the heartworm disease that caused him to be so sick when he came into our program five months ago.  We're giving him another two weeks before his next panel of tests to see if those results come back to normal levels.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  We will let you know his status after his next vet visit.  PLEASE remember to keep your dogs on flea and heartworm protection all year long.  If Jericho had been protected he would be healthy today.


 In late June, shortly following Jericho's final heartworm injections, our poor boy who has been through so much, almost lost his fight for his life.  Jericho started to bleed large amounts through his nose and mouth.  Luckily, his foster mom was home and got him to his vet as soon as she could.  His wonderful vet tried to stabilize him but it was determined that he would not survive unless he went to the ICU at the NCSU vet school.  He was rushed there by his mom where he was triaged and placed in an oxygen cage on an I.V. with medication to try to stop the bleeding and stabilize his system.  After two days, he was released, but his mom had to rush him back the next day for the same reason for another 24 hour stay.  After several weeks, Jericho has slowly started to improve.  His foster mom, as well as a large group of NRGRR volunteers, have stayed with him 24/7 to ensure that he stays quiet and he continues to improve.  It was determined that the bleeding was caused by a spike in his blood pressure -- most likely caused by his heartworm and the treatment he most desperately needed.  He is not out of the woods yet, but he is on medication and he is going into his vet for weekly check ups.  We will post more updates as we can.  This period of time has obviously put tremendous pressure on us to raise money to cover the costs of specialists from the vet school, ICU stays and medication.  Now, more than ever, we need your help.  Don't forget that every dollar you donate becomes two dollars through the Blarney's Way fund.

Jericho came to us from a North Carolina shelter and what a beautiful and gentle young boy he is! He is probably about two years old and 68 pounds. When he came into our vet he saw something that didn’t look right. In addition to intestinal worms and a tick-borne disease which has been cleared up, Jericho’s heart looked odd.  So, off he went to the cardiologists at the NCSU vet school. Upon further tests it was discovered that poor Jericho had heart worms so heavy that his heart had become malformed. This poor young guy, based on the hundreds of ticks that were pulled off of him and the heavy load of worms found in his heart, had probably never been taken care of in his short life. After several months of medication Jericho has begun his heart worm treatment journey and should be available for adoption this summer. If you could sponsor Jericho and help us defray the costs for his specialist visits and medications we would appreciate it. No amount is too big or too small.


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