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Huck's Story


August 2

Huck has been adopted!!  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to help us fix Huck's hip and help us help him find his forever home.

Huck is a young, beautiful and loving golden boy who came to us from a North Carolina shelter.  His foster mom reports that he is an absolute love and he truly exemplifies all of the wonderful qualities of the golden retriever breed.  When he came to us, the most notable trait, other than his striking good looks, was that he had a constant limp in his left hind leg.  Huck was checked out by a veterinarian, and in addition to his fleas and whipworms, he was discovered to have severe hip dysplasia in that leg.

Hip dysplasia is a condition in dogs that results from the usual ball-and-socket hip joint not fitting together quite right.  Laxity in the joint can lead to luxation (dislocation) of the hip joint or can contribute to accelerated arthritic changes in the joint that can make it unbearable to walk due to pain.  For a young guy like Huck to already be in pain was distressing.  Because Huck had already started limping, the muscles in his leg had begun to contract, further reducing his range of motion.

Through the generous donations collected through Blarney’s Way Special Needs Fund Huck has been able to receive femoral head ostectomy (FHO) surgery, performed to relieve his pain and help regain function of his leg. 

But Huck still has a long road ahead.  He will need to undergo physical therapy exercises multiple times a day to regain strength and range of motion.  It is not known yet if he will be able to regain complete function of this leg after surgery.  Time and lots of effort will tell how well Huck is able to recover. 

Your generous donations will help cover the cost of Huck’s surgery, and help many other dogs out there like Huck who need our help!  Thank you!


  • Huck's Face
  • Huck with His Surgeon
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