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Goober's Story

 Update -- February 14, 2014



Hi there Goober fans,

I know it’s been awhile since my last update, but I was going through a rough couple of months.  My heatworm test did come back negative, which is great, but I managed to catch a cold, like the one I had last summer.  It took a long time, but I finally got over that but then I was taking all sorts of medications to help my skin and ears clear.  I’m off all medications now, except for a nagging ear infection that I can’t seem to get over.  

I still have some mobility issues and a heart murmur that they recently discovered.  But, I’m not worried, as I am in a good place where I am well cared for and loved like never before.  It’s truly amazing what a little love can do.  

Even though my legs are sore, it sure doesn’t stop me from playing in the snow last week, at least for a little while. 














Update - October 17,  2013

Hi everybody, Goober here.

I know, you thought I forgot about you.  I didn’t... I just have been really busy trying to build my strength and get better.  I finally got over my cold and last week, I just finished my 2nd and final heart worm injection.  It’s not fun at all being heart worm positive as I was on strict orders no strenuous activity from my Vet doctor and my foster.  And I have been feeling a bit more lively and want to play with my foster brother.  I’ll know more if those worms are gone at the end of the month when I have another test… I’ll keep my paws crossed for a negative report!

Thanks everybody for keeping me in your thoughts and don't forget to donate. I wouldn't have gotten this far without you!


Update - September 8, 2013

Hello!  It's me Goober.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the last few weeks of summer as we move into the fall season.  What have I been up to?  Well I’ve been spending the last couple of months working really hard to put on some weight.  You see, I was a picky eater at first and wouldn’t eat for awhile.  So my foster mom and another rescue person worked really hard to find the right food that I would like to eat.  They did a very good job because I gained an extra six pounds and that’s pretty amazing if you would have seen how emaciated I was when I first came.

But it hasn’t been all fun for me.  Last month I got really sick and so lethargic, foster mom rushed me to the hospital and had to be put on IV fluids and steroid.  After a couple of days at the hospital and I was stabilized, I got the okay from the nice vet doctor to go home.  I was so glad too, I missed my foster family so much and wanted to be with them and in the comfort of my own bed.  They were so scared for me and I promised that I would do better and not scare them like that anymore.  Oh, and thanks for all the well wishes on Facebook, I really think that helped me a lot.

Foster mom says I’m making some progress.  I’ve been confined for most of my life and not exercised.  So my foster family has been very diligent and doing range of motion exercises and walking me to help build muscles in my hind legs.  I still have a long ways to go as my legs get very weak and then I fall down.  I can’t stand in one spot for very long either, I have to lie down to drink or eat from the bowl.

I’m making great strides in my social skills too.  I’ve not been shown a lot of love and care in my life and for the first time in two months after being with my foster family, I let them pet me or show me how much I’m loved.  I was very shy at first but I’m slowly coming out of my shell and then I’m your best friend for life !!   It really does feel good to be loved and be told that I’m a good boy!!

Things were going good for awhile but last week I managed to catch a cold and began sneezing and coughing. Can you believe that, a cold during the summer!!   I guess because of all the medical issues that I have,  my prostate being removed , my kidneys not functioning properly and being heartworm positive has really taken a toll on my immune system and made me weak.   I was all set to have my 2nd and final heartworm injection but that had to be postponed to the end of month so I can try to get over this cold.

I’m having such a hard time right now but I want to thank everybody for the donations and well wishes. I promise to let you know how I’m doing.  

Please don't forget to donate to the Blarney's Way Special Needs Fund so I can get better!!  


July 23, 2013 


Hi everyone.  I’m Goober (AKA Cooper).  I need your help to raise some money to help pay those nice vet people who are helping me get better!  You can do that by donating to the Blarney's Way Special Needs Fund.  My fosters told me I need $1200 to pay my bills, and since I don't have a job I am asking for your help!

I am a beautiful red golden who comes to my fosters with tattooed ears!   Yup, that just might mean I was a breeder’s dog and I guess when I was no longer needed, I was abandoned in another area of the state. 

I wasn’t always on the path to good health.  I just felt like I wanted to give up.  When I was rescued by some wonderful people, I was as tiny and emaciated as could be.  For the first few days, I didn’t care about eating or drinking because of all the medications I was taking.  Finally, after weeks of therapy, I began to hear again and feel so much better. 

A few weeks ago, I had my prostate removed because my kidneys weren’t able to function properly and I couldn’t sit.  I just sort of fell down to get in my bed.

Wow, that’s another chapter I’ve just closed.  I’m feeling and looking so much better now.   I am told that my next hurdle is to get heartworm treatment.  I’ll have to lay low, so they say, until that medication does what it’s supposed to do in my heart.

I love pillows.  When I’m not lounging on my new fluffy bed, I’m always resting my head on pillows.  I love to move them around and move myself around to find that just perfect spot. Not only that, but I love to follow my foster mom all over.  She’s laughs and claps her hands when she turns around and sees me right behind her.  She’s always saying, “Good Boy, Cooper."   I love the sound of those words.  It’s like hearing music for the first time in my life. 

So, please help me out.  Donate now.  I promise I will keep you updated on my progress.




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