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Frisco's Story 

 May 1, 2013 

I never thought forever and happy endings would ever be possible for me. At least not until today. My blood test came back negative for heart worms and I was adopted!!!

You would not recognize me from before. I have quite literally transformed into a new dog, both inside and out. I have reached my golden potential. And during my time in foster care, I found happiness and stability. The remarkable progress I made would not have been possible if it were not for my foster, the rescue team and the Blarney’s Way Program.

This has been such a turning point in my life. Thank you all for the love and support and giving me a second chance at a new beginning.

March 30, 2013


Hey everybody, Frisco here.  I wanted to give you a pawgress report.

You won’t believe this but I’m actually sweating in my new coat.  It’s so hard to believe just three months ago I went from basically being bald to having my very own home grown golden spring coat with feathers.  I was told that I look pawsitively fabulous. 

Do you know what else?  I really enjoy bath time.  I actually have enough hair to wash. HA!  My fur is silky smooth and everyday I get told by my foster mom and others that I am ear-resistible.  I do have a way with the ladies!

I've also gained almost 20 pounds since I've been rescued.  Can you believe it?  I went from a skinny toothpick 54 pounds to a magnificent well sculpted and lean 71.6 pounds.  Eating six times a day of the good stuff and pumping some iron really did the trick!  Well, okay, maybe just walking and playing with my squeaky toys might have done that.

As I paw-missed, I was very brave and finished my heartworm treatments last week. Whhheeeewww.  Glad that is over.  I'm still not out of the dog house yet.  I have to wait for the medicine to do its thing and kill all the worms inside of me.  Yuck!  I should know if they are all gone when I go back for a final blood test in a month.  For right now, I'll keep my paws crossed and think happy thoughts like chasing Mr. Peter Rabbit, the Easter bunny, at my new fur-ever home.  I can’t wait !

Thank you everybody for all the support and getting me to this point.



March 6, 2013


Hi everybody!

It’s me Frisco...the throw-away-skinny-toothpick-with-no-fur-dog.  Great news!  I’m starting to grow my coat. Yes, I knew it.  I am a golden.

I got to go to an adoption event last Saturday and nobody recognized me because I have grown so much fur.  So many people came and commented on how amazing I looked compared to before.  I was a little shy because I am not used to all the attention.... but I really liked it.

My foster has been so kind.  She gave me baths to help rid me of the fleas and ticks.  She also gave me really good stuff to eat.  I eat six times a day and I’m up to 61 pounds.  I’ve still got a few bald spots that I'm self conscious about that I hope will fill in.  


I just had my first heart worm injection a few weeks ago. really hurt!  I feel better this week.  I am just a little sore and tired. I am so thankful for the rescue and for my foster.  I'll try to be brave the next coming months as I go through more heart worm treatments.

More updates soon!   Thanks so much for your support and for your donations.





February 25, 2013   


Hello World!  My name is Frisco.  I came to the rescue at the beginning of January and boy, I was a mess!  I'm a mature purebred golden fella and skinny as a toothpick -- only weighing at 54 pounds.  I was left outside, all alone and neglected, while growing up and over time developed a severe infestation of fleas and ticks.  Do you know how bad it got?  I'll tell ya... It was so bad I was scratching myself to death until my fur fell out.  I felt naked and cold and I looked pretty bad.  To be quite honest, I was embarrassed as this is not how I'm supposed to look.  I really am a golden; you just can't see it.

My ears are itchy and red, and I was told I have a heart murmur or a irregular heart beat, whatever that means.  For as long as I could remember, I thought this is how my life is supposed to be, and I accepted it.

All that has changed, and things are looking up for me now.  My foster is taking care of me until I can find my fur-ever home.  I couldn’t believe my droopy eyes.  She has been so nice. She gave me all the kibble I could dream of and a nice comfy bed to sleep in.  I was so astonished that I cried for joy ( literally !!!).  I had to pinch myself, OK- well I know I can’t physically do that, but you know what I mean.  I really thought I died and went to dog heaven.  Do you know what else the lady did for me? Because she knew I was embarrassed by my appearance, she gave me a tee shirt to wear until I can grow my golden coat.

I have a long road to recovery until I can reach my golden potential to its fullest.  They are really worried about my heart.  I might need to have something like an expensive CT scan or something. In additional to my heart problem, they also found out that I am heart worm positive.  I can’t seem to catch a break.
For right now, they are gonna monitor me, and I will just keep a positive attitude but.... I do have to say I'm afraid.  Could you help pay for the treatments that I need in order to have a chance at a good life?  ANY amount is a paw step in the right direction, and is so greatly appreciated from the bottom of my weak murmuring heart!

If you can help Frisco, please consider a donation to the Blarney's Way fund.



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