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031818 GPIn September 2017, a shelter contacted us about a 7-year-old male golden that had apparently been hit by a car.  A good samaritan saw a large dog struggling to walk on the side of the road. Animal control was notified and after picking up this injured, matted, wet dog they considered humane euthanasia as the only option, unless a rescue could step in to help. 

Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue immediately responded and Ernie received wonderful care from our vets at Complete Pet Care and Grace Park Animal Hospitals. While he healed from his superficial injuries in a caring foster home, some deeper issues appeared. He developed mega esophagus (ME), a condition where his esophagus doesn't work properly to move food and water into his stomach. Dogs with this condition must be kept upright to eat and drink and also have to have their food specially prepared to the right consistency.  Ernie's very special foster mom was up for this challenge and was so committed to this sweet soul's difficult recovery that she decided to adopted him, and he now goes by Tucker.  TuckerBaileyChairNRGRR also helped Tucker's special needs by providing a feeding chair (known as a Bailey Chair) to prop him up so gravity will to all the work of swallowing that his damaged body can no longer do.  Tucker began to flourish; gaining weight, loving life, being loved in a home and he never ever stopped wagging his tail. 

Shockingly, he suddenly developed neurological issued involving his eye and causing a significant heat tilt and he had difficulty getting around. He declined quickly over only a few day and his Mom made the extremely difficult decision to let him go. He laid with his head in her lap and peacefully left us for the rainbow bridge.  Every dog’s time with us is too short, but Tucker's was brutally so.

With your support, we can help dogs like Tucker whose body may never fully recover from neglect and abuse and who will need daily special care. Please consider donating to Blarney's Fund to help dogs like Tucker. 

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