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Coltrane's Story 

Update - July 25, 2013

Coltrane has great news.  He should have a good life with a family who understands his needs.  What a great boy he is - looking for a great home.  He is available to find his forever home!  Read his story here.



Update - July 6, 2013


Good news for Coltrane!  The good news is that Coltrane's liver continues to improve and his liver values are all within normal limits now.  The newest issue with Coltrane was that we discovered he was blind in one eye.  

The neurology department at NCSU examined him and conducted an MRI on his brain. Unfortunately, because of bad genetics and breeding, Coltrane's brain did not form properly.  A small piece of his brain is missing and instead is filled with fluid, which explains why he is blind in his left eye.  

 The good news is that because it happened so early in his life, it appears his body has compensated for this loss.  However, we need more information to make sure that this won't affect his life expectancy.  We will be checking to see if the fluid is progressing in a few weeks and if it appears to be stable, he will be ready to look for his forever home.  Please help us ensure that Coltrane gets the care that he needs to live a long life by donating to Blarney's Way.  His bills have been very expensive!




Hi, my name is Coltrane.

I have been told that I am a gorgeous young boy!  I was surrendered to the rescue through no fault of my own in the spring of 2013.   I was looking for an active family with the time and energy to give me the life I deserve and to shower me with love, love, love!  I LOVE love!  I found a perfect family to take care of me forever and I was very happy to move in with them and start my new life.

Unfortunately, as I was on my way to my forever home, my vet-doctor person found abnormal blood work results which sent up some red flags for everyone (I can't see the color red but I guess that's bad).  Those vet people told me that I have liver damage and we need to find out why.

So, I am headed to the NCSU Vet School to meet some more very nice vet people in a couple of weeks.  I was told that my bills could easily run into the thousands of dollars and since I don't have a job so I can pay those bills, I am asking you to donate so NRGRR can pay them for me.  No contribution is too small and I promise I will let you know what happens.  Please donate to Blarney's Way!

Love and kisses,



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