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Chief's Story

 December 4, 2012

Chief came to us by way of some really great Good Samaritans in a nearby state.  Chief is blind and his owner knew that he was going blind for a long time.  This beautiful, sweet boy was padlocked to a cable in a small pen in the backyard of the home of his owner and no one knew where the key was so the rescuers had to cut the cable to release him.


Chief had been there for multiple years without shelter.  A Meals on Wheels volunteer was in the area, saw Chief and convinced the owner to surrender him.  Then the Good Samaritans started to make calls.  Another rescue took him because there was not a golden rescue nearby that would take him.  The rescue was determined to release him from that awful existence and we appreciate their help in releasing him from his deplorable conditions.  When we found out that he needed us, through the power of social media, we arranged a two part shuttle for him with our volunteers and he arrived at our vet office.

Unfortunately, Chief is not only blind but he is also heart worm positive. Since he's been with us he has been taken to an eye specialist who told us that Chief had been losing his sight for years because of a congenital problem and there is no help for his vision.  He has no vision at all.  So, we will teach him to live in a home, get him well, and find him a wonderful forever home.

Since coming in to NRGRR, he has stomach issues due to the medications he needs and the worms he has.  We expect that to improve soon.

Chief is like a lot of our dogs. No one took time to teach him and at some point he was banished to the yard.  So now, at eight years old, he needs to learn how to be an inside dog, how to interact with other dogs, how to treat his humans and canine friends.  He's incredibly sweet and wants to please and we know that Chief has a happy ending.  He has a true golden retriever spirit, through and through.


Can you imagine living in filth at the end of a chain, ignored and alone?   Then, being moved several times and not being able to see the locations nor understand what is happening to you?  Our guy is doing very well considering all the obstacles in his path.  And we all know that this was no way to treat such a wonderful pure bred golden retriever.

Please consider helping us pay for his medical expenses.  His story is so sad but we know there is a happy ending for him.  Any donation you can make to our Blarney's Way Special Needs Fund will help to pay for his recovery.

We will post updates as we can so you can follow his journey.  Thank you for your support!




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