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Brooks sick with Parvo
On May 7th, a very sick puppy came into the program with the deadly Parvovirus.  He was purchased from a local breeder and was clearly not vaccinated.  The new owners could not afford to treat him, but thankfully their vet called NRGRR.  Our wonderful volunteers swooped into action and within only a couple of hours was safely hospitalized and a Neuse River Golden Retriever dog, Brooks.

Learn more about the Parvovirus by reading our medical advisor's blog post here.

Brooks in isolation
May 8th - An update from our friends at Complete Pet Care, the little guy is holding his own. The worst days are usually Days 3 and 4, today is Day 2. Let's hope he can continue his fight and pull thru. Thank you to the great team at Complete Pet Care! Parvo has to be handled in a meticulous manner. Brooks is being kept in isolation so they keep it contained. It is a difficult virus to kill and spreads easily, hence the need for vaccination!

Brooks healing

May 9th - Brooks is eating and drinking on his own! He still has some diarrhea but holding his food down. We are still keeping him hospitalized and on IV fluids and medications but we hope to send him to foster care this week! Yay! This is still a critical time as he can shed virus for some time even after his symptoms resolve. We have to continue to keep him isolated so as not to infect other puppies and non-vaccinated dogs. Many thanks to Dr. Hessler, Tiffany and Leslie!

His fight for survival points our two critical reminders -
1. Vaccinate your dog! While they might appear expensive they are lifesaving!
2. Do your homework! NRGRR would love to have you adopt a rescue dog, but if you must purchase make certain it is from a well respected reliable breeder.

We need your help to cover the cost of this lifesaving care for Brooks. Please consider making a donation to Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue Blarney's Fund to help Brooks, and others like him. 

May 15th - Brooks was released into foster care on May 10th and has been doing very well, thanks to his foster sib Daisy.  He is still sleeping most of the day and has a long road to recovery but we are so glad he can do it in a loving home.

Brooks gets a clean bill of health
May 22nd - Brooks got a clean bill of health today!  We are so grateful to Dr. Conley and the wonderful care he got Complete Pet Care.  Thank goodness his family acted quickly and he was able to get the care he needed with Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue.

Please consider donating to Blarney's fund to help NRGRR cover his medical expenses by clicking the link below the photos.

Photos of Brooks

Brooks sick with Parvo Brooks sick with Parvo Brooks in isolation Brooks in isolation Brooks in isolation Brooks healing Brooks released from vet Brooks in yard Brooks with tag Brooks laughing Brooks released from vet Brooks_recovering_May12 Brooks in foster care Brooks with foster sibling2 Brooks playing Brooks gets a clean bill of health

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