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Boston's Story


September 18, 2012

Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be!                         

I’m sure my followers are wondering what I’ve been up to lately, so here it goes.  I had a little break from those nasty yellow pills, but low and behold they have shown up on my kitchen counter and in my daily routine once again.  Do you remember how much my stomach hated them?  Guess what, my stomach still hates them, and I have about three more weeks of chloramphenicol to ingest. I fight taking it, but my fosters insist I take it two times a day.  They say they are sorry, but it is what it is.

I’ve had biopsies taken of the sores that keep reappearing on my body and once again it’s staph.  The vets say I have allergies and when I scratch, I somehow aggravate my condition.  What’s a dog to do?  If I have an itch I need to scratch. I’m getting baths twice a week from my foster mom (to help with the itch), hypoallergenic food (to eliminate allergy sources), and anti-nausea medication (to help me keep my food down), all to get me healthy again. 

On the positive side of life, I did have lunch at a local restaurant with Katie and Shannon, other members of NRGRR, and was given my own bowl of water, by the kind waitress that took care of my people and their friends.  I think I’d like to go back, sit outside and be waited on.  It is fun when someone other than my fosters wait on me, pet me and tell me I’m a good dog.  I know I’m loved, because I was the topic of discussion. I got to hear it all and boy am I mystery.  With my supporters in the NRGRR group I get the care I need and lots of attention. A dog’s life or at least my life is fantastic in the love and care area, but the health area is tough and I need your support to help with my continuing health concerns. 

July 18, 2012

A year as past since I came to NRGRR and what a year I’ve had.  If you look back over my previous updates you would say this is no life for a dog, especially one as sweet as me. 

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get a break, well I did but it was rather short.  My MRSA staph infection has returned to my system and I have been a very itchy dog and my foster parents took me back to my regular vet, you know that wonderful doctor that keeps me going.  Well, I’m still going, but I just want the infections to subside and never return.  I don’t know if you remember that yellow pill I had to take for MRSA, well I’m back on it again and I also had another urinary tract infection, so that meant another antibiotic.  My medical bills keep coming and so do my visits to the vets.

About two weeks ago my regular vet referred me to the Veterinary Specialty Hospital, due to MRSA.  The docs up there did a thorough examination of my entire body and this is what they found:  severe dermatitis due to MRSA, mild anemia and a mild, but chronic gastrointestinal bleed, most likely due to those darn nasty yellow pills.

Now I must take Prilosec to ease my stomach troubles, on top of my thyroid medication and you know what else.  I don’t even need to bark it out loud.  The vets at VSH want me to see a dermatologist, due to my continued skin issues and to top it all off today my stomach is turning and churning.   Yesh.  Don't mean to complain but I wish I could catch a break.

The good news is that NRGRR has made me a permanent foster so I can stay with my foster family who has loved me so much for the past year.  They are great!  They take me in the car all the time, the pet store (for treats and those wonderful squeaky tennis balls). WOOF, WOOOOF, I know I am loved, treasured, and well cared for because of NRGRR and my foster family. 

Thanks for your support and your thoughts and prayers.  Love -- Boston.




 May 2012

The ups and downs in my life leave my fosters and Dr. Strunk wondering what will I pop up with next.  I am very happy to bark out loud that my paws are finally healed and I have been off of antibiotics for about three to four weeks.   I had been on one form of antibiotic or another since my foster parents took me into their home, as a very ailing golden.   Having been on antibiotics for over nine months my stomach was not enjoying food, as every dog should, so I lost a few ponds.  However, within the last couple of weeks I am beginning to gain my weight back and If I do say so myself I am a very handsome dog.  Sorry for being a little on the vain side, but it helps me to keep a positive attitude when I think about my ups and downs over the past nine months.  I can eat again, or should I exclaim to the folks who follow my story that I want to eat again.

Along with the good news of healthy paws and increased appetite I have developed some sort of mild seizure disorder.  I am not in any pain, and I never lose consciousness but by body shakes and at times I fall down.   Neuse River has once again allowed me and encouraged me to see doctor Strunk at Care First and I have had a full thyroid panel done.   As I expected, my numbers are off and adjustments need to be made.   As they say life is ever changing, but I sure could stand a few less changes in my health. 

Please send good thoughts my way as my doctors, fosters and the wonderful people at Neuse River work to help me on my very long road to recovery.  Oh, one more thing I must share with you a really good thing If I say so myself.  I forgot to mention that my fosters now let me sit on the sofa with them.  It was only a matter of time.  First sleeping in their bedroom, and then sitting on Sue’s favorite chair and now the sofas.  I am a lucky dog!


 February 2012

Just a brief update for all you Boston fans.  My foster parents are going to let me go to the Gapes For Goldens Gala with them on February 24th.  I am going to be a special guest at the event so everyone can learn about my story.  Hope you are all coming to meet me.  If you can't you can always chip in by making a donation for my care.  See you on the 24th!

January 2012

I just have to shout these days so here it goes….. Bowowwwwww!!!  I had surgery in the middle of December to remove infected tissue from both of my front paws.   It’s been a long hard road to recovery my foster family and for me.   Can you imagine having both of your front paws wrapped in Glad Press and Seal plastic wrap every time you went outside and wear one of those big satellite dish collars, too?  Oh! That’s right, you don’t have paws!   Due to the surgery my fosters had to keep my paws very clean,  They had to wash them often and sprinkle this white antibiotic powder onto my incisions to help keep the infection at bay, help with the pain and keep the area dry.  Then, I had to take some nasty medication again that really upsets my stomach.   Do you know the story of The Princess and the Pea; well I just might be the male version of that story.   Every little thing seems to turn my system inside out and upside down.   I lose my appetite and turn my nose up to tasty snacks, with the exception of my mother’s tasty meatballs.   During my recovery my foster parents noticed a cloudy spot in my right eye, this is from chicken fat, so I no longer eat chicken based foods or treats.  I sure miss my chicken!

It’s now four weeks into my recovery from surgery and I am a very happy dog.  I no longer need to have my paws wrapped, the satellite dish is gone, no whiter powder, and I can go for a walk. Yippee!!   The swelling in my paws has cleared and they appear to be almost normal looking.   It’s amazing how far I have come.  Good vet care, good food, lots of love and attention from my fosters and I’m almost a new dog. 


December 2011
It seems as though I take one step forward and then I get knocked back again.  I was losing weight -- no matter what my fosters were feeding me, my stomach said, “No food for now .”  After five months of antibiotics my GI tract was shot.  I wouldn’t eat fresh chicken, rice and gravy, or anything else smelly and yummy.  I think the only reason I did not waste away is that my foster mom kept making these wonderful meatballs out of ground beef, eggs, peanut butter and lots of other high calorie goodies.  I did not refuse those…what dog would.   So, I was taken off antibiotics and I have put on four pounds in just a week or two!  Food is good and those meatballs are even better on a healthy stomach.  Unfortunately, my infection has returned and now I must undergo surgery to remove some irritated and infected tissue on my left paw.  My wonderful vet at CareFirst, Dr Strunk, will take good care of me as he always does.  And I know my foster parents will help me through this next step before I am completely recovered!  Have a great holiday season.  XOXO Boston. 


October 2011
You would not know I’m the same dog.  The metamorphosis will amaze you as it has all who have seen the progression from special needs dog to nearly recovered dog.  I wish I had a mirror so I could look at my shiny red fur and see my eyelashes.

My fosters tell me I am a handsome boy and they just can’t believe how good I look.  They love to pet the top of my head, and pet the new fur on my legs and belly.  I even smell good now, because all the dead skin has been replaced by fresh healthy skin.  I truly am a new dog.

There is only a couple of little things we are still working on until I get my clean bill of health.  However, there are still some medical conditions that need to be resolved.  I had some irritated fibrous tissue on my toes biopsied.  I am awaiting lab results to determine the appropriate antibiotic to treat the remaining infection in my paws and/or possible surgery to get me back on my feet. 

It has taken a lot to get me well.  My fosters have been great and my medical bills have been high.  If you could help cover those costs I’d really appreciate it.  Donate now to help me and look for me SOON on the available dogs page! 


September 2011
Well, my vets wondered if I would ever regain my golden retriever trademark tail, but guess what, I am getting better and you can see fur coming back on my body!  I’ve been taking a lot of medication to get better.  I have been on a regime of antibiotics and medication to fight fungal infections and my thyroid condition.  I remain on antibiotics and – with all the love and care I am getting from my foster family – I feel much better.  Now I’m on my way to being a spunky young male with personality to spare.  I’m a lucky boy!







July  2011
Where do I begin to tell you my story?  I am a golden retriever who is fortunate enough to have been rescued from a horrible life of neglect.  I live with my foster family and an adopted golden named Belle.  I was surrendered to NRGRR and taken to CareFirst in Raleigh, N.C. where Dr. Thames first met me and diagnosed me with Hypothyroidism and numerous other health conditions including fungal infections.  My skin is covered with a fungal infection and yellow scaly patches so I need to have my belly and left hip shaved.  My wispy golden tail was not wispy at all, nor is it golden retriever red.   It is black and has only a thin strip of fur running down the top of it. 

I have infections in both of my eyes, no fur surrounding them; black swollen skin surrounded my eyes and not a single eyelash.  My face has several patches that are black and furless.  If you rub my legs just a little bit, the dry coarse fur just comes off in clumps.  The pads on of my feet are dry and have what looks like thin shredded pieces of straw coming off them.  My belly has black and yellow spots as does my hip, legs, and feet.   What fur cover I have left is thin, short, coarse and falling out due to my thyroid condition.   My fosters said it is not very pleasant to pet…but they do it anyway.   I am a sad, sick boy.


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