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Bisbee - Surgery A Success

Bisbee Having FunSeptember 12: BISBEE UPDATE. Thank you to everyone who donated for Bisbee's eye surgery! We are happy to report that she had her surgery and everything went well. She has a few weeks of rehab, but she should be as good as new after that! Thanks again to all of her supporters! Your help is greatly appreciated.

We have a special request to help save a sweet dog’s eye. Bisbee was surrendered to us by her owners because they could no longer care for her and were moving out of state.  We took her in, and her foster family fell in love with this sweet girl who is such a people dog. 

Then, they discovered a small spot on her eye that didn't look quite right.  So, we sent Bisbee to our regular veterinarian who tried medicated drops.....when that didn't work, he sent us to a specialist, Dr. Fontenelle at Animal Eye Care in Cary and we received the bad news that the spotBisbee's Cute Face on her eye was a melanoma.  Luckily, the foster caught it early enough and we found out that there is a surgery, with a 90% success rate, that can be performed to correct it.  The melanoma will be removed and her eye and her sight will be saved. Without the surgery, the melanoma would grow so big that it would cause swelling and pain and she would lose her eye within 12 months.  We need your help to swing this $1,000 surgery. Please help us help Bisbee save her sight by making a tax-deductible donation of any amount that you can see clear to do. See what we did there? See what you can give to help Bisbee keep her sight!  You can make your donation by clicking on Donate Now icon.  Thank you!

Please don't forget to donate to the Blarney's Way Special Needs Fund so I can get better!!

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