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Bennigan came to us in early February 2014 as an owner surrender.  The information provided by the owners indicated that he was about six years old, had not been vetted in three years and had been having seizures for at least a year.  This was a golden who desperately needed our help.  We immediately arranged transport to bring him into our program. 

Bennigan didn’t even get to us before he suffered another seizure.  It happened in route to the rescue.  Watching a dog have a seizure can be a frightening experience, but it is essential to remain calm.  Our transporters did everything right.  First and foremost, they did not panic.  They pulled over and made sure he was in a position that he could not become injured.  They kept their hands away from his mouth (there is a myth that you should try to hold the dogs tongue…NOT TRUE), kept him calm, and when the seizure was over, they called our dog operations director so that CareFirst was aware of the situation.


When Bennigan arrived, he went straight to the Animal Emergency Clinic.  He spent the weekend with them and charmed his way right into their hearts. He went to CareFirst Monday morning for his intake exam and again worked his golden magic…this sweet golden was stealing hearts wherever he went.

But this beautiful, mild mannered boy was not well.  His exam revealed that in addition to seizures, he was also heartworm positive, had tapeworms and an ear infection.  He’d need an extra special foster…and lucky for him there was one waiting, anxious to meet him and take him home.

Bennigan was very fearful when he first arrived in his foster home.  He really didn’t understand taking walks and many noises scared him, especially cars and trucks.  He began his heartworm treatments in March, and while these treatments can be very painful,  he handled them like a champ.  The tapeworms and ear infections were resolved. With the help of his foster mom, Bennigan slowly became less fearful of the world.

During his time in foster care, Bennigan was gradually weaned off of his seizure medication and did not suffer a seizure for four months.  We had high hopes that his seizures were a thing of the past, but he recently experienced another episode.  Bennigan will likely remain on seizure medication for the remainder of his life…but his foster mom doesn’t mind…theirs is a mutual admiration society!  Just last week they made it official…Bennigan, now Charlie, was adopted by his foster mom.

Blarney’s Fund helps NRGRR meet the financial expenses of dogs like Bennigan who have medical issues that go beyond routine care.  If you would like to help us in our mission to improve the lives of dogs like Bennigan, please consider a donation to Blarney’s Fund.             

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