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Badger's Story

July 23, 2012

Great news!!!  Badger has found his forever home.  He has been adopted by a wonderful family who will love and take care of him for the rest of his life.

 June 23, 2012

Badger is a nine year old male purebred golden that came to NRGRR from a shelter in April.  On first appearance and assessment, Badger was sick with signs of extreme neglect – he was heartworm positive, had an acute ear infection in both ears with hearing loss, required 20 teeth to be removed, had chronic skin issues with hair loss on most of his back and tail, and was weak with little muscle mass in his hind legs.

Since Badger has been in foster care, he is happy, thriving and getting stronger and healthier everyday – he is the sweetest and most lovable boy. He fit right in with his step brother and sister (NRGRR graduates), Desi and Beauty, as well as stepsister, Bella, an orange tabby. Badger’s foster home is not fenced and Badger learned right away not to go off the property lines when outside with his foster Mom and Dad. He doesn’t hear well but is responsive to hand signs and short high-pitched sounds.

Badger is very well-behaved and fully house trained – he does not need a crate (although his fosters crated him initially until he was comfortable in his new surroundings whereby he went into the crate willingly and without a fuss).  He can be left in the house for periods of time without any problems. He also likes riding in the car, is fond of soft toys (which he can become a little possessive of at times), and even though he only has a few teeth in the back, he loves chewing on deer antlers.

Most likely, Badger was never on a leash so he is still learning leash manners and is a “puller."  The daily walk had to be put on the back-burner while he has been on heartworm treatment but will resume once he is fully recovered.

To date, his ear infections have cleared, his coat has improved and he is starting to grow hair on his back and tail.  He received his second and third heartworm treatments this week – he had a rough time after his first one and is recovering from these last two. 

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