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Arnold's Story

February 17, 2012

Guess what?  I have been adopted!  Thanks for all your support.

February 12, 2012

I am so happy.   Dr. Riego said I was ready to start my new life.  I've learned to bring my foster her shoes so we can walk and walk and walk.  The neighbors have a big construction project going in the yard so I'm very busy these days watching the progress and all those people who can pet me.  And guess what?  I've found that I'm part Australian shepherd and today I'm going to a new foster.  My new foster trains dogs -- lots of Australian shepherds -- and she's going to help me reach my potential.  Pretty amazing, right?  A month ago I was dying in a shelter and today I'm on my way to great things.  Watch for a video in a couple of weeks of what I'm doing.  Thanks, NRGRR, for saving an almost golden retriever. 

February 7, 2012

Hello Arnold fans.  I watched the the Super Bowl Sunday and was hoping that my fellow NRGRR dog TBrady was represented well.  TBrady and Manning were both at the adoptathon on Saturday.  I couldn't go because I haven't been released by Dr Riego yet.  But maybe tomorrow. Sadly, TBrady has heartworms and so he'll be in the rescue for a couple of months -- but Manning is choosing his forever home.  Best of luck to him.

I went for a very long walk today and boy, am I tired.  So, I think I'll just go to bed. 

January 29, 2012

Hi everyone!  On this last day of January, my xrays were great. My lung problem has resolved.  I have a new bandage on my bad leg and still have to take it easy but guess what?  Tomorrow I get to go for my first walk.  Yahoo!!  Can't wait.   Oh, and I am supposed to remind you that any little bit you can chip in to help with my recovery is appreciated.  You can do it by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.  Thanks.

January 28, 2012

I got a new wrap on my bad leg.  The color is a little loud for me but look at that blue collar!  My foster mother says if I'd stop messing with all my injuries, she'd take it off.  I'm healing well but the big day is Tuesday when I get new xrays.   I think I'm feeling better and want to run and play with the other dogs but I can't just yet.  So we went to do errands today and we opened the sunroof in the car and it was great.  Maybe tomorrow we can go to the pet store and get a new toy.  Please. 


January 27, 2012

Arnold is learning that a bandage cover is required for outside so he sits patiently by the door waiting to be suited up. On Saturday he'll get a new bandage for the worst of his injuries and on Tuesday we'll do a new x-ray to check his lungs.  We're hoping for a big improvement because his only activity is riding in the car and with the price of gas, the rides are short. (ha).  Keep your fingers crossed for him next week.  We'll let you know how he does.


January 25, 2012

My foster family thought I should post an update for all the Arnold fans out there who are following my story.  They took a picture of me so I could show you my bum leg.  I am feeling a little bit better but it's still tough for me to get around and take deep breaths, but this sure is better than the pain I was feeling at the shelter!  Can you help me pay for my medical expenses?  My foster family isn't charging me but I've been told that my vets have.



  January 2012

Hi there everyone.  My name is Arnold and I am not feeling well right now.  Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to be hit by a car and then left to die?  Well, I found out.

I’ve been told by my vet that I have major road rash, no broken bones, but I was x-ray'd and found to have a pneumothorax which means that my lung has sustained wounds that are allowing air to fill the space between my lungs and the chest wall.  I guess this is bad because the air can put pressure on the lungs from the outside, they cannot inflate properly and it’s difficult for me to breathe.  Oh, and I am limping pretty badly.  It seems like every time I move it hurts.

I stayed at the ER vet for awhile (think very expensive) but I was allowed to come home to my new foster home so I can recover.  I heard no surgery is required if my condition can resolve on its own.  I also heard I’ll have a long road to recovery to heal the scrapes and bruises, and soft tissue damage.  Can you spare a small donation to help me heal?  I’d appreciate it and my foster family would, too.





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