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Dogs with Medical Needs - Our Blarney's Fund

Dogs with Medical Needs - Our Blarney's Fund

Sometimes dogs come to Neuse River Golden River Rescue in need of specialized veterinary care. Blarney's Fund was created to help meet the financial expenses that go beyond routine care and allow supporters to specify that their donations go directly to our dogs with the most serious medical needs.

Blarney, the namesake of this fund, was an exceptional golden retriever who loved his humans and created many success stories of his own. Click here to learn more about Blarney and his life.

This page features some of the dogs who have come to us with special needs and is dedicated to NRGRR donors, volunteers, fosters and adopters who help them navigate their journey. Below you will find stories for recent dogs in the program with special needs. You will also find archived stories of Blarney's Fund Alumni by clicking here.

If you would like to make a donation to help our dogs with extraordinary medical needs, click the button below.

Current Blarney's Fund Dogs


Here is a special story about our lovable boy, Ozzy, who wears his heart on his tongue. He has frequent seizures and has been our costliest dog in both 2018 and 2019. Please consider making a Blarney's Fund donation so we can continues his care and for other dogs like him.


Sweetwater was yet another dog sadly surrendered to NRGRR after she was diagnosed with a portosystemic liver shunt. Unfortunately, surgery is not an option in this case and she will remain a permanent foster under the care of some of our very special fosters.
Click here to follow her story.


Daisy was an adorable golden puppy that came to NRGRR with a serious medical condition, a portosystemic liver shunt. Daisy had a village of amazing fosters and vet partners behind her but in the end her condition was just too serious and could not be fixed with surgery or medication.
Click here to read her story.

heart-iconRepresents dogs that have found their forever home.

Rainbow-iconRepresents dogs that have crossed the rainbow bridge.

Click here to see more stories about past Blarney's Fund dogs.

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