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Golden Moments 2021 Photo Contest

December: Best Holiday Moment


Harper, Jackson, and Brady

Congratulations to Harper, Jackson, and Brady for being selected for the best holiday moment . As a result of winning this month's Golden Moments contest, their owner will receive a 25% off coupon to the NRGRR online store.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Golden Moments Photo Contest this year. We had many great submissions and enjoyed seeing the pictures of your NRGRR alumni and families. Scroll down to see the slideshows for each month.

“Golden Moments of 2021” Themes

 February:  Most heartfelt/ romantic dog
 March:  Most mischievous dog
 April:  Spring fever
 May:  Most playful dog
 June:  Best swimming/water photo
 July:  Most patriotic dog
 August:  Best “dog day” photo
 September:  Football fever
 October:  Best Halloween costume
 November:  Most thankful face
 December:  Best holiday moment

Ahrend_1 Ahrend_2 Ahrend_3 Norman_2 Norman_1 Swinsick_1 Jones_1 Reed_1 Caldwell_1 Skinner_2 Skinner_1 Dohm_1 Dohm_2 Bonne_2 Bonne_1 Sorice_1 Skipper_1 Dolak_1 Dolak_2

Previous Month's Entries

February: Most Heartfelt/Romantic Dog

Winner: Max (Bono20)

Max aka Bono Alfie Shadow Ronin Cooper Denali Hunter and Penny China Kai Li Maggie Prudence Phoebe and Dusty Prudence Prudence Miles aka Turkey Baron Prudence Prudence Tian Tucker

March: Most Mischievous Dog

Winners: Willie Nelson and Maggie

WillieNelson_Maggie_2 Libby Keeghan_2 Jax_Cassius20_3 Keeghan_1 Theodore_1 Jax_Cassius20_2 Charlie_ChinaRuben20_2 Charlie_ChinaRuben20_1 Ellie_BonnieRaitt20

April: Spring Fever

Winner: Opal 

Opal Juka and Cody Prudence Ollie Peaches Bailey Elijah and Keeghan Kona Tom Petty Ripley Kona Kona Kona Romeo and Hope Sunny Conor Conor Conor Phoebe Sammy_ Charlie Turkey Baron Harley Turkey Robin and Paisley

May: Most Playful Dogs

Winners: Romeo and Hope 

RomeoAndHope_3 RomeoAndHope_2 Ellie Charlie Conor_1 Conor_2 Jax Sadie, Bella and Mazie Sadie, Zelda and Zander Sadie and Ryleigh Sadie and Ryleigh Bella (1) RomeoAndHope1 SadieAndRyleigh_1 Bailey_1 Bailey_2 Bailey_3 PrinceCharming GabiElijahAndKeeghan_1 GabiElijahAndKeeghan_2 GabiElijahAndKeeghan_4 GabiElijahAndKeeghan_3 GabiElijahAndKeeghan_5 GabiElijahAndKeeghan_6 GabiElijahAndKeeghan_8 GabiElijahAndKeeghan_7 Sunny GabiElijahAndKeeghan_9 Denali_3 Denali Denali Juliet Juliet_1 Liberty GunnerAndRapunzel_2 GunnerAndRapunzel_1 Gunner Max Prudence_2 Prudence_3 Prudence Prudence_1 CharlieGirl Candy

June: Best Swimming/Water Photo

Winner: Ellie

Bella ZephieAndZoe Elijah_Keeghan Elijah Pender_LuLu Keeghan Ollie Leo_Dutch Ellie_1 Ellie_2 Max4 Max_3 Leo_Dutch Dutch_1 Leo_1 Leo_2 Dutch_2 Dutch_3 TurkeyBaron Angel_sister Angel

July: Most Patriotic Dog Photo

Winner: Sadie

Sadie Sadie Brady Gunner Gunner Ollie Leo Sadie Sadie Sadie

August: Best Dog Day Photo

Winner: Zeke

Zeke Georgia Thaddeus and Gypsy Prudence and 4 of the China Nash Charlie Conor Conor Conor Madigan and Skye Elvis Gunner Gunner Maggie and Luka Ollie Maggie Zizzy and Hudson Beau Beau Lyndon, Duchess, Sam, and friends Maizie Stella

September: Football Fever

Winner: Gunner

image_6483441 image0 (6)

October: Best Howl-o-ween Costume

Winner: Katie the Aviator

Katie Katie Addie Frog Costume Addie Frog Costume Stella Grace Hudson and Zizzy Hudson and Zizzy Ella Sheba Dexter Dexter Charlie Charlie Gunner Gunner Gunner Pender Sammy Sammy

November: Most Thankful Face

Winner: Lucas Fredrick and Family

Peloquin_2 Turnbull_Sunny_5 Turnbull_Sunny_4 Turnbull_Sunny_1 Turnbull_Sunny_3 Turnbull_Sunny_2 Cox_Sunny_1 Walters_Sammy_2 Walters_Toby_1 Ginsburg_Finnegan_1 Skipper_Addie_1 Bass_Poppy_1 Schwartz_Poppy_1 Bumgardner_Luke_1 Nowlin_ThankfulSubmittedLate Peloquin_6 Peloquin_5 Peloquin_4 Peloquin_3 Peloquin_1

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