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Zoom at NCMA

My name is Zoom (or Zoomy as my foster mom likes to call me) and I’m about 16-17 months old. I promise I’m a really good boy and will love you unconditionally. I love having my back rubbed and my belly scratched. I really enjoy the outdoors, especially long walks and nature. I also love playing with other dogs, running, chewing my Benebones, napping, sniffing games, and eating frozen chicken from a red kong. I like to play with my soft squeaky toys and balls from time to time, too!

I sleep through the night in my crate and can even stay in there during the day if you need to go out for a few hours. I may bark for a minute or two because I’ll miss you, but I know how to calm myself down and sleep until you are back. And don’t worry about accidents in your house because I know to do my business outside (both on and off leash)!

I can also learn just about anything if you give me a treat, especially some peanut butter (my favorite)! I already know how to sit, down, give paw, high five, come, go home to my crate (though I may not always want to at night when it’s bedtime but I can be lured home with a few treats at night!), and stay (though I sometimes struggle with distances or time durations - I’m working on it though!). I have slowly started to learn “settle” and “leave it”, but I don’t know it well yet (I’m still in the very initial stages of learning). I need the most support with leash reactivity training, general house rules (I actually do know most house rules, but I like to see how much freedom I can have), and learning to kiss. I can sometimes get a little mouthy like a puppy at times. When I greet people I get excited and love to jump.

On the flip side, it also means that I will greet you with lots of love, wags, and kisses when you come home! I may even ask for some belly rubs, too. Who wants to adopt me? I promise you won’t regret it!

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   One and half years old


   60 pounds

Health status:


Healthy young dog.  He will need to maintain an appropriate weight and would benefit from exercise and supplements to minimize arthritis in his senior years.

Major personality traits:


Affectionate, playful, a fast learner (especially with yummy treats!), and a loyal companion once he gets to know and trust you.

Interaction with dogs:


Loves playing with other dogs – can play for hours! Would prefer a home with a dog(s) who will enjoy his mouthiness and wrestling.

Interaction with cats:

   Unknown but has a strong prey instinct.     

Child requirements:

   Due to his size, energy and occasional jumping & mouthiness, middle-school aged kids or older.

Fence requirements:


Required. Minimum of 5-6ft in height

General activity level:


High energy – needs to go out at least 3 times a day (with at least one time being a longer walk). Would excel in a highly active family – could potentially be a good jogging/running partner and hiking companion! 

Work schedule best suited for:


Someone home most of the time preferred (currently needs to be crated when not home)

Leash manners:


Needs continued work, easily distracted by other dogs and people, barks and pulls mainly to greet and play with them (NOT in an aggressive way).   Our trainer is working to correct this behavior!

Type of training required:   

Zoom is potty trained. He knows the following basics: yes/good boy, no, sit, stay, come, down, off, go home (to his crate), and heel. He will still need continuous reinforcement on the basics so that he consistently follows it in all situations.  

  • Zoom21 Puppy Dog Eyes
    Zoom21 Puppy Dog Eyes
  • Zoom21 Handsome Look
    Zoom21 Handsome Look
  • Zoom21 Napping
    Zoom21 Napping
  • Zoom21 Goofy in Crate
    Zoom21 Goofy in Crate
  • Zoom with mural friends
    Zoom with mural friends
  • Zoom21 with Fav Stuffed Toy
    Zoom21 with Fav Stuffed Toy
  • Zoom at NCMA
    Zoom at NCMA
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