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Available Dogs - Zion



Zion is a handsome golden retriever/poodle mix. His typical greeting to a new friend is a great big puppy hug and kiss. He’s learning quickly that the most polite way to meet someone is to keep all four paws on the ground. Zion is very sweet and thinks he is a lap dog despite his size. He will need some house manners on whether or not he should cuddle on the floor or on furniture. His preference is to cuddle wherever his caretaker is sitting. Zion is crate trained and accustomed to sleeping quietly in his crate at night.         

Zion has been fostered with a family with three children ages 6, 8 and 10. Zion knows that playtime begins when the kids return from school! Zion loves to play with his toys and run laps around the yard with the kids. He will put his front paws down, bottom up, and invite you to try to catch him. It is his favorite game. He hasn’t shown any aggression around toys or food at his pet free foster home. Zion is working on his jumping behavior, and has improved a lot over the past two weeks. Because of his size and energy level, older kids are better playmates than younger ones. 

Zion loves walks! Short walks, long walks, sunny walks, rainy walks. He will sit nicely at the backyard gate while his caretaker puts on his leash. On leashed walks, Zion will settle into a stride after an initial short burst of enthusiasm. He does show some discomfort when he encounters unfamiliar walkers/pets. He will lunge and talk loudly if the encounter is closer than he would like. Zion has shown a lot of improvement with this behavior and needs someone dedicated to support his continued socialization progress.  

Zion’s foster mom works from home and is able to check on him throughout the day. During office hours, Zion remains outside and has not shown destructive behaviors. He needs a few toys and bones to keep his puppy mind active. He mainly likes to nap between his morning and afternoon walks. Due to his consistent routine, he has learned when it is play time and when it is rest time. Zion would love to learn your routine! Let's get a playdate scheduled today!

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   1 year


   60 pounds

Health status:


No health issues, no allergies, up to date on vaccinations, neutered

Major personality traits:


Energetic, eager to please/learns quickly, playful

Interaction with dogs:

   Unknown; none in foster home

Interaction with cats:

   Unknown; none in foster home

Child requirements:


8 and up (because of his size and his energetic/playful nature)

Fence requirements:

   Currently in a home with a 5 ft privacy fence

General activity level:

   High (he's a puppy!)

Work schedule best suited for:

   Work from home or hybrid schedule - he is able to adapt, with proper exercise he can be left alone for longer periods of time

Leash manners:

   OK, shows some discomfort around other walkers/dogs

Type of training required:   Needs some continued training with jumping/greeting others on and off leash
  • Zion 22 hiking
    Zion 22 hiking
  • Zion22 a
    Zion22 a
  • Zion 22 enjoying the yard
    Zion 22 enjoying the yard
  • Zion 22 rocking the cone
    Zion 22 rocking the cone
  • Zion22
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