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Available Dogs - Vinnie

Vinnie looks so sweet

May 11, 2020
Vinnie, formerly known as DaVinci, has had a makeover.  He is a totally wonderful and well behaved middle aged boy. Please give him a good look if you are wanting a sweet, steady companion who likes to do pretty much everything you like to do!

Vinnie is a happy dog who loves hanging out with his people and exploring the world with them.  Vinnie loves to go on walks and has great leash manners.  He gets super excited when the people put on shoes to go out or pick up his leash.  It is adorable.  He needs at least 15-minute walks in the morning and evening.  He is also up for longer walks and hikes when you have time.  He’s done at least 4 miles at once and could probably go further.  He gets very excited when he sees other people running or riding bikes.

Vinnie also loves to ride in the car.  He just smiles and smiles the whole ride and occasionally will lay down but mostly wants to look out the window at everything.

Inside the house, he likes to lay in a sunny spot in the morning, look out the window, and to follow his people wherever they go.  Wherever they sit down or stop, he just lies down there to watch them or take a nap. In the evening, when he has had enough of everyone, he goes to curl up on his bed. When he wakes up, he just chills out until someone wakes up to feed him and let him out.  This can be at late as 8am for us and he may be able to wait longer.  During the work day, he can be left alone 8-10 hours if needed.

Vinnie is mostly laid back but occasionally gets bursts of energy and wants us to chase him in a circle inside or to chase after rubber toys that we throw.  He also likes to bound around the backyard trying to catch squirrels.  A backyard isn’t required but preferred.

Vinnie loves to meet new people.  He is very friendly with strangers on the street or with new people who come to the house.  He doesn’t bark at doorbells.  He isn’t afraid of children but would do best with older kids who can respect his space and comfort levels.  He mostly ignores other dogs on walks and needs a slow introduction to make new dog friends.

Vinnie loves to have scratches behind his ears, on his chest, and will lay down on his side for a belly rub.  He will cuddle for a few minutes when he is very comfortable with you, but he isn’t needy.  Vinnie is a very lovable, laid back, easy to please, smart, and happy dog!

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   Seven to nine years old.


   61 pounds

Health status:


Healthy, takes medication for allergies and very mild arthritis.

Major personality traits:


Happy and easy going.

Interaction with dogs:


Would be good as only dog or with calm female.

Interaction with cats:

   He ignores cats.

Child requirements:

   Would be best with older kids.

Fence requirements:

   Preferred, not required.

General activity level:


Mostly low energy with bursts of playfulness.

Work schedule best suited for:


Any work schedule.

Leash manners:


Great leash manners.

Degree of training needed:


He knows basic commands like Sit and Wait but could learn a lot from a basic obedience course.

  • Hiking with Vinnie
    Hiking with Vinnie
  • Vinnie likes riding in the car
    Vinnie likes riding in the car
  • Vinnie enjoys his backyard
    Vinnie enjoys his backyard
  • Vinnie enjoys the comforts of home
    Vinnie enjoys the comforts of home
  • Vinnie is a handsome dude
    Vinnie is a handsome dude
  • Vinnie looks so sweet
    Vinnie looks so sweet
  • Vinnie loves his ball
    Vinnie loves his ball
  • Vinnie on a hike
    Vinnie on a hike
  • Vinnie with a toy
    Vinnie with a toy
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