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Available Dogs - Turkey Angel

International adoption fee applies

Waiting for mom to come home

Because of Angel’s training needs we are only considering local applicants so that we can provide support and local professional training.


Hi, I’m Angel! I’m a loving, friendly girl who can never get enough head scratches, but once we get to know each other, I may ask you to rub my belly too.

Some of my favorite outdoor activities are walks in the neighborhood, chasing the ball in the backyard, and hiking along the Eno River. I’m good on a leash but still working on lunging at squirrels and passing dogs. My harness has helped a lot.

I like being outside in my yard and patrolling my territory. I know not to pee in the house and have been learning basic commands like sit, down, stay, and place. My mom says I’m smart and can pick up on things quickly.

One thing that makes me unique is my special curled tail. When I get excited it looks like a helicopter spinning. My mom says one day I’ll get so excited I’ll fly away! Also my thin coat means I don’t shed much for a golden.

I like to play follow the leader around the house (I’m always the leader). When I need some quiet time or if you give me a treat, I’ll go into my crate on my own, but the rest of the time I really like being where my family is. Because of my protective love of my humans and resource-guarding, I would do best in a house without small children or other dogs. I do have a preference to hang out with girls like me. I can be wary of unfamiliar men.

I’m looking for my forever home. Do you have the right one for me?

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NOTE:  To adopt one of our dogs, you must be a resident of North Carolina and reside within 100 miles of Raleigh, NC. 

If you are interested in adopting Turkey Angel you must reside in the Triangle area. You must be willing to work with one of our trainers in either Raleigh or Durham on a weekly basis.

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An International adoption fee applies to help with travel expenses.




  Four years


  68 pounds

Health status:


Major personality traits:


Sweet, smart, confident.

Interaction with dogs:


Tends to be dominant, you don’t have to worry about her getting pushed around. She has toy guarding issues when dogs are around, but as long as toys are locked up she does okay.

Interaction with cats:


Child requirements:


Unknown, but best with older children and adults.

Fence requirements:


Preferred. She likes fetching tennis balls and watching over her territory.

General activity level:


Moderate. She loves walks and hikes, but she also loves her bed.

Work schedule best suited for:


Someone who works from home or at least can come home for lunch. She loves her people.

Leash manners:

  Pretty good in general, but she sometimes lunges at other dogs and squirrels. A harness is recommended.  

Degree of training needed:


Angel would do best with an experienced, training-friendly owner who will take her to a training class or more. She is fully house-trained and knows basic commands. Angel tends to resource guard toys when around other dogs. NRGRR will provide one class (4 sessions) with Dog Training Camp USA for Angel and her adopter - it's up to you to build from that good start on loose leash walking, passing other dogs without lunging and helping Angel feel good about strange men by your direction of those interactions.

Degree of adopter experience needed: 


Owning one or more easy dogs probably doesn't give you the experience Angel needs. This beauty needs a good positive-reinforcement handler who will commit to working with her on mild to moderate dog reactivity on leash and some reactivity to strange men approaching her. Angel is easy most of the time - but has a few quirks that need support from someone who knows how to help dogs feel better (and therefore behave better) when they can be reactive.

  • Angel and her curly tail
    Angel and her curly tail
  • Angel as a burrito
    Angel as a burrito
  • Angel waiting for belly rubs
    Angel waiting for belly rubs
  • Angel getting some scratches
    Angel getting some scratches
  • Angel eyeing her ball
    Angel eyeing her ball
  • Waiting for mom to come home
    Waiting for mom to come home
  • Is it dinnertime yet
    Is it dinnertime yet
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