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Trixie 21

Hello Golden fans – my name is Trixie, but my foster mom calls me Sweet Girl.  I am a slender one year old at 33 lbs.   Being this size is great for traveling  as I don’t take up much room in the car and I make the weight limit for hotels that take dogs – score!   

My foster home has two male dogs, both much bigger than me.  With a proper introduction, they quickly welcomed me into their home.   I learned fast from watching them which helped with my transition and in learning both verbal and hand commands.  I saw firsthand they are loved very much, and I wanted some of that.  I had to ease in at my own pace, but in about a week I was relaxing more around by foster parents.  In two weeks, I was getting into a routine.  By the third week, I earned the name Little Miss Lick-A-Lot, because when I’m happy I give a lot of kisses, and found my spot on the bed.  I love that my foster home has a fenced in yard because one of my foster brothers (85 lbs) and I get VERY active several times a day playing hard and running around (otherwise I’m doing this in the house).  The way I jump and run; my foster mom says I’m part jack rabbit.  But when I slow down, I’m laying very close by, under your desk or curled up next to you on the couch.  At bedtime, I start out by sleeping halfway under your bed, so my fanny and legs are sticking out - for real!

Well, enough about me.  Here are a few notes from my foster parents:    If you already have a dog and want to add Trixie to your family, it would be great if they can be the same size or bigger (she has no fear), are playful and active because she does instigate playing.   An older or less patient dog may not take well to her prodding to play all the time.  If you adopt her, please know that her first week with you will be a slow transition as she needs to come to you at her own pace – we are happy to share some techniques to help with this.  She can be nervous and skittish with sudden moves,  coming up from behind, or touching her when she can’t see it coming.  Once she gets the smell and layout of your home, she’ll start to calm down. 

When you meet her you will notice quickly she does not have a tail.  We don’t know the reason for this, but what we do know is that her face, her body language, and lots of kisses express her happiness that you would see in a wagging tail.   And, at her size, no tail means no knocking over of  items on tables which is a HUGE plus!

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   Two years old


   33 pounds

Health status:


Healthy and VERY active.

Major personality traits:


LOVES to give kisses, happy go lucky personality, cuddles on the couch, very treat motivated - she sits before the command is given.   LOVES to be loved on and showered with attention and will return ten-fold.

Interaction with dogs:


Very good with proper introduction.     Instigates playtime many times through the day.    There is no aggression or being territorial with her food, treats and toys.   Initially, I suggest feeding her separately from other dog(s) in the house because if the other dog(s) walk up to her bowl, she will back off and won't eat.

Interaction with cats:



Child requirements:

   Children over 12.    She is very playful and will not know the impact of her full-on energy around small kids.

Fence requirements:


Preferred for endless running around, chasing tennis balls, frisbee and fetch.

General activity level:


Very high.   I envision her running on the Tobacco Trail or city blocks with her new family, and running on the beach chasing a frisbee.

Work schedule best suited for:


Would do best with someone who is home more often than not to take her for a run or play fetch  in the back yard.    She needs to burn off energy.

Leash manners:

   Good, but does pull a little.   



Degree of training needed:  

She is a smart girl and treat motivated. She picked up both verbal and hand commands quickly. She is completely house trained. Crate trained is unknown. She only chews on her toys. Trixie does exhibit fear of loud noises and sudden moves, but with calming techniques, and comfort in the safety of her surroundings, she does settle nicely

  • Trixie likes the chair
    Trixie likes the chair
  • Trixie lying down
    Trixie lying down
  • Trixie 21
    Trixie 21
  • Trixie has a sweet face
    Trixie has a sweet face
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