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Stout Sitting

Stout is a cute senior guy with simple needs. He needs to learn that he can trust you, because life hasn't always been kind to this little dog. Food, routine, some short walks and gentle handling will help him adjust to a new home. Stout loves a routine, and would do best in a calm home. Stout responds so well to love and attention!

He enjoys some gentle handling and a comfy place to relax.  He likes attention from his humans and will follow you around your house and settle beside you when you sit down. He likes to have some play time after breakfast, or a short walk, and then he some quiet time on his own in his crate or other quiet spot.  

He loves to have his head and chin scratched and makes some cute noises to let you know how much he enjoys your affection.. He'll let you know with a paw on your lap that scratching time is not over yet! 

Stout knows all of the basic commands and is crate trained.  He would do best in a home without other animals or children.  He really is just looking for some easy companionship and security.  

Would Stout be the right companion for you?
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   Eleven years old


   32 pounds

Health status:


Good for a senior dog.  Has some sensitivity in his back end.

Major personality traits:


Quiet, cautious around new people, but affectionate once he feels safe.

Interaction with dogs:


No dogs.

Interaction with cats:

   He has lived politely with 2 cats.

Child requirements:

   No children

Fence requirements:

   Preferred so he can wander in the yard on his own.

General activity level:


Low but gets excited at meal time.

Work schedule best suited for:


Someone who is at home with him most of the day.

Leash manners:


Good; doesn't pull and is small so easily controlled.

Degree of training needed:


None. He knows the basics.

  • Stout Down
    Stout Down
  • Stout Sitting
    Stout Sitting
  • Stout Side View
    Stout Side View
  • Stout Full Face
    Stout Full Face
  • Stout at the vet
    Stout at the vet
  • Stout is ready to shake hands
    Stout is ready to shake hands
  • Stout 19
    Stout 19
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