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Available Dogs - Sparky

Sparky - aren_t I adorable

Hi friends, I’m Sparky!  Many people are drawn to my foxy look with my super fluffy ears and tail.  But there’s more to me than just looks - I’ve got this good dog thing pretty much down pat (some even say that I excel). I’m fully house-broken and I only chew on my own bones or toys.  

I know lots of fun commands and my foster mom says I’m super smart and that I probably know a lot more than I let on.  She says that some mental and physical stimulation are important for me and I think it might even be fun to do some special training or agility classes since I have plenty of energy and love to learn.  I’ve even done some training classes.  If you are looking for an active dog you can run or hike with, I’m your guy!

My favorite parts of the day are when I get to walk and go to the park. There are always so many fun smells and things to see. I would LOVE my own yard to run around and explore in or play with you. Dog parks are not my thing so a fenced yard would be awesome.

I am very curious and attentive. When we’re not playing, I’ll happily sleep next to your feet or follow you around the house. Sometimes new sounds make me a little nervous and I like when someone is there with me to help me get used to these things.  Spending time in an apartment has given me a lot of opportunities to get adjusted to new sounds so I’m working thru it but still need a little help.

I sleep well in my crate at night if I must, but would prefer not to.  I do enjoy some cuddle time in the morning too. Getting pets is rarely an issue because I have incredibly soft fur.  I’m also very respectful and always wait for permission before getting on furniture. 

I’m looking forward to joining a great family that wants to take the time to get to know me and all that I have to offer.  I’m looking for someone who is patient as I learn to trust you. Once you are in though, I’ll be your best friend.  I’d love to meet and see if that could be you!
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   Five years old


   35 pounds

Health status:


Major personality traits:

   Attentive, intelligent, energetic          

Interaction with dogs:


Should be the only dog in the home.

Interaction with cats:


No cats

Child requirements:


Would do best with teenagers 

Fence requirements:


Required – needs private space to run and get energy out during the day. 

General activity level:


Moderate to moderately-high.  Calm and quiet when exercised on a regular basis.  An hour of physical activity daily would be ideal.

Work schedule best suited for:


Someone who is home more often than not. 

Leash manners:


Great leash manners with an attentive handler as he is reactive around dogs and wildlife.


Degree of training needed:  

Continued work building trust with new people and remaining calm in new environments. Sparky has incredible potential for learning fun tricks and would do great with someone who can provide the mental stimulation he needs.

  • Sparky - lookin_ fine
    Sparky - lookin_ fine
  • Sparky 21 has a nap
    Sparky 21 has a nap
  • Sparky - aren_t I adorable
    Sparky - aren_t I adorable
  • Sparky - lounging on the porch
    Sparky - lounging on the porch
  • Sparky - Best Puppy Dog Eyes
    Sparky - Best Puppy Dog Eyes
  • Sparky - did someone call me
    Sparky - did someone call me
  • Sparky - post play bliss
    Sparky - post play bliss
  • Sparky - stealthy moves
    Sparky - stealthy moves
  • Sparky - these are my toys
    Sparky - these are my toys
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