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Available Dogs - Seymour

Seymour looking houndy

Hello everyone! My name is Seymour, and believe it or not, they say I am a whopping 20 years old! But don't let the number fool you, I still have a spring in my step, and I make my foster mommy laugh whenever I dance around when she gets home. I am a Beagle-Golden mix, and despite being deaf and blind, I can get around like a champ. I love going outside, and having access to a backyard is a MUST! I grew up mostly as an outside dog with my buddy, Audrey.

I love comfy beds, and belly rubs, outside time in good weather, and indoor time when it's not so nice. Because I grew up as an outside dog, adequate access to the outside, and a good routine are a plus. I'm great with laid back, older dogs. I don't tolerate high strung, in your face pups. A nice, quiet life is what I prefer! 

If you are interested in meeting me, let us know, and my foster mommy would be happy to set something up!

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   More than 10 years.


   25 pounds

Health status:

   Good for his age, some blindness and deaf too.     

Major personality traits:


Sweet, still fairly spry.

Interaction with dogs:


Good. He tends to ignore other dogs. No high energy dogs.

Interaction with cats:

   Unknown. He's probably fine.

Child requirements:


12 years and up are okay.

Fence requirements:


None, but access to a yard is required

General activity level:


Low. He can get around fine once he learns the way and will take himself for walks around his property.    

Work schedule best suited for:


Having someone home often, or doggie door access to a yard, is preferred.

Leash manners:


Does not use a leash.

Type of training required:  

Keeping him on a regular potty schedule is the only thing needed.

  • Seymour looking houndy
    Seymour looking houndy
  • Seymour in a comfy bed
    Seymour in a comfy bed
  • Seymour waiting patiently
    Seymour waiting patiently
  • Seymour with Audrey
    Seymour with Audrey
  • Seymour sleeping peacefully
    Seymour sleeping peacefully
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