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Available Dogs - Prince

Prince says hello

Golden-hearted Prince is a sweet old soul in a four-year old dog.  Prince loves being with his people. He does well with other dogs his size, but would be very happy to be your one and only.  He is crate trained, but also loves the comfort of his plush dog bed and would happily share the couch with you.  This boy is absolutely ready for his forever home.  Some of our favorite things about Prince - 

  • Fun, confident, quirky personality that makes a house feel full in a good way!
  • Loves tug-of-war and indoor fetch
  • Wakes up whenever you do!!
  • Loves car rides, even long ones
  • Very smart, loves learning new commands
  • A little shadow, always wants to hang out with you
  • Snuggly couch potato
  • Low-medium energy, always eager to go for a walk!
  • Friendly towards strangers
  • Well-behaved for grooming and vet care
  • Crate trained, house broken, overall low-maintenance
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   Four years old


   45 pounds

Health status:



Major personality traits:

   Sweet and loves people.  Very smart and wants to be obedient.  Overall, a laid-back guy who is happy to take long naps and hang out with you.

Interaction with dogs:

   Good with similar sized dogs and reads their signals well.  Not good with small dogs.

Interaction with cats:


No cats

Child requirements:


Kids over age 10

Fence requirements:


Not required.  He loves to take walks and would be fine without a fenced in yard.

General activity level:

   Medium.  Needs some exercise, but happy to relax too. 

Work schedule best suited for:


Any, but loves to be around his people.

Leash manners:


A work in progress.  He can do very well on the leash, but quickly forgets rules when he sees other animals (dogs, cats, squirrels, etc.). Does very well with a prong collar or gentle leader.

Type of training required:   

Continued reinforcement of good canine citizen behavior and leash training. 

  • Prince is a music fan
    Prince is a music fan
  • Prince
  • Prince snoozin
    Prince snoozin
  • Prince - care to join me
    Prince - care to join me
  • Prince - happy to see you
    Prince - happy to see you
  • Prince says hello
    Prince says hello
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