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Available Dogs - Porter

Porter also loves bones

Porter is a sweet, goofy puppy whose tail never stops wagging! He has accumulated many nicknames: Mr. Wiggles, Big Ears McGhee, Fox Brown, Red Alert... He may be a mix of Golden and German Shepherd, or possibly a Carolina Dog - but regardless of the genetic mix those huge ears are adorable and always moving.

There is never a dull moment with this loving dog, whether it's him throwing stuffed animals in the air or snuggling as close to you as he can. He loves other dogs and kids, and is very gentle with his interactions including taking treats. He also gets along great with cats, although sometimes tries to play with them which is not always reciprocated - but he is good with the "no" command and will obey immediately.

He loves, loves, loves toys and will build himself a toy fort if there is enough material around!

Porter enjoys going out for walks and his leash manners are good - although some occasional pulling may happen if he gets excited about something. He will be a great addition to a family with another playful dog (or a cat), or he will be happy being an only dog as long as his humans are there with him! Are you ready to get your heart stolen by this sweet ginger?

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   About six months old.


   30 pounds, will probably be about 40-45 pounds.

Health status:



Major personality traits:


Sweet, goofy, snuggly, curious, and very social.


Interaction with dogs:


Great with other puppies and adult dogs.

Interaction with cats:

   Good, some play chasing if cat runs off but will stop when told to.

Child requirements:


Great with kids.

Fence requirements:

   Preferred - he is not a darter, but is curious and might wander off.

General activity level:


Moderate. He likes to play and run around but is generally pretty mellow.

Work schedule best suited for:


He can be crated for 3-4 hours at a time.

Leash manners:


Pretty good, still needs some work with occasional pulling.

Degree of training needed:


Needs some attention with bathroom breaks and typical puppy behavior; basic training.


  • Porter has the cutest face
    Porter has the cutest face
  • Porter is ready to pounce
    Porter is ready to pounce
  • Porter also loves bones
    Porter also loves bones
  • Porter and his bestie are tuckered out
    Porter and his bestie are tuckered out
  • Porter sits for hotdogs
    Porter sits for hotdogs
  • Porter loves toys
    Porter loves toys
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