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Ponysaurus 19

Ponysaurus is a wonderful eight year old Great Pyrenees mix with a golden heart. 

He is an affectionate guy who is very easy going. He loves to be with his humans and will follow you throughout the house to be as a close as possible. Even though he is a large dog, he thinks he is a lap dog and loves to lay with his head in your lap. He loves to be petted and brushed and will gently paw at you to keep petting him if you stop. However, he is also content to lie nearby and take a nap if you are busy (beware of his snoring though!). Ponysaurus is fine in his crate as well, but he prefers to be with his people.

Ponysaurus is very well mannered. He is very friendly with everyone he meets, rides well in a car, and walks great on a leash. Ponysaurus is also smart, very food motivated, and eager to please, making him easy to train. He knows to sit, stay, and come, and he is learning to “lie down.” He even knows to sit and wait at meal time. However, his intelligence may also cause him to get into some trouble. His previous owner described Ponysaurus as a bit of an “escape artist.” This has not been a problem at all since coming to NRGRR though, where his fosters live in an apartment and keep him on a leash whenever outside.

Ponysaurus is a goofy, sweet dog looking for someone who will reciprocate his unconditional love. Could this guy be right for you???

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   Eight years old


   77 pounds, but needs to lose 5-10 pounds.

Health status:


Some allergies, but he is fine with the right food and medication.

Major personality traits:


Affectionate, gentle, goofy, laid-back.

Interaction with dogs:


Does not really care for other dogs.

Interaction with cats:

   No cats, high prey drive.             

Child requirements:


Fine, but older children preferred due to his size.

Fence requirements:


Not necessary. He has a history of being an "escape artist."

General activity level:



Work schedule best suited for:



Leash manners:


Very good.

Degree of training needed:


He knows sit (even in distracting situations), stay, come, and we are working on “lie down.” He would benefit from some training that uses positive reinforcement such as treats.

Ponysaurus likes to be pet.

  • Ponysaurus on a walk
    Ponysaurus on a walk
  • Ponysaurus being serious
    Ponysaurus being serious
  • Ponysaurus 19
    Ponysaurus 19
  • Ponysaurus being goofy
    Ponysaurus being goofy
  • Ponysaurus sweet face
    Ponysaurus sweet face
  • Ponysaurus showing off his smile
    Ponysaurus showing off his smile
  • Ponysaurus taking a nap
    Ponysaurus taking a nap
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