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Available Dogs - Pebbles

Boopable nose

Pebbles is a beautiful cream colored fluffy girl. She’s a great age and a great size! 

Pebbles knows lots of commands like come, sit, down, wait, leave it. She is house- and crate-trained, and she is good riding in the car. I don’t know if she likes to swim, but she sure does like mud puddles! Pebbles loves nature walks and being with her person. 

She is a sweet girl - with some sassy issues when she’s worried about being handled (like for grooming). She needs to be in an adult-only home due to this although she seems to like children. She can be snarky with other dogs and does respond well to kind training in learning how to ignore other dogs on walks and can walk by nicely and calmly. You can take Pebbles on walks around other dogs, she just doesn’t want to live with other dogs or want them in her personal space. 

Pebbles is looking for a home where she can get lots of nature walks, and then settle down on her dog bed for the evening. She will love a home where she is the only dog and will make a great companion for someone who wants to be active with a beautiful and funny girl.

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   5 years


   50 lbs

Health status:

   Very good, hypothyroid managed with daily medication

Major personality traits:

   Affectionate, energetic, sassy

Interaction with dogs:

   Does not like other dogs, but can walk past them nicely         

Interaction with cats:

   Limited experience but was good with one

Child requirements:


No kids

Fence requirements:


Not required but she sure would love one

General activity level:

   Medium-high energy, needs a half hour or more of exercise once or twice daily

Work schedule best suited for:



Leash manners:


 Good with guidance but can pull

Training needed:   Pebbles is a sweet but sassy girl who needs a dog savvy owner because she can get overstimulated and bark and lunge on leash, or she can nip a person if she doesn’t want her body handled. With clear communication and handling, she’s wonderful.

  • Urban agility
    Urban agility
  • Smiling
  • Gazing
  • Mud puddles
    Mud puddles
  • Nature walking
    Nature walking
  • Deep thoughts
    Deep thoughts
  • Boopable nose
    Boopable nose
  • Car Rides
    Car Rides
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