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Available Dogs - Packer


Packer is an adorable young dog who is almost 2 years old. Packer came into rescue last fall in rough shape from a shelter so it seems that his young life was not good. Things are good for Packer now! He is still a shy dog, but has come a long way.

Packer is more relaxed with what he knows.  It will take him time to get to know you and be comfortable with you. He can walk beautifully on leash in his neighborhood. He can ride in the car and he can walk into new environments, too. Check out the video below of his happy dance when foster mom comes home!

Packer LOVES other dogs and gets along with other dogs – big dogs, little dogs, nice dogs, not-so-nice dogs – Packer is good with them all. Packer loves going to the dog park because there are DOGS there.

The way to get Packer comfortable with you is to have another dog or dogs that will bring him to you and help him understand that you are okay. He loves what we call “the puppy pile” when I play with my dogs on the floor – that is when Packer will come for affection.  Or outside in the yard when we work on “everybody sit for treats” and he will join the other dogs in coming for a treat.

Packer was a big save and we have loved nursing him back to sleek physical health and helping him learn that people are not quite as scary as he thought. Packer is crate- and house- trained. He needs a calm, nurturing home that can keep him secure and show him that life is good and people are good. Other dogs, cheese, and patient repetition, or approaching tasks step-by-step help to show Packer that things are good. He needs some daily work and leadership to maintain the skill level he has achieved and continue to grow in confidence.

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   Two years old.


   47 pounds

Health status:



Major personality traits:


Shy, gentle, sweet.

Interaction with dogs:


WONDERFUL! Loves and needs other dogs, a playful dog or dogs would be perfect for Packer.

Interaction with cats:

   No cats

Child requirements:


Probably too shy for young children, older calm children okay.

Fence requirements:

   Secure physical fence highly preferred 

General activity level:



Work schedule best suited for:



Leash manners:


Excellent, martingale collar recommended.

Degree of training needed:


Packer has learned a lot in two foster homes and one training camp stay. We can help you maintain his achievements and continue to grow into his best dog.


Short video of Packer welcoming his foster mom home with a happy dance.

  • Packer is so handsome
    Packer is so handsome
  • Packers says yum
    Packers says yum
  • Packer is a good dog buddy
    Packer is a good dog buddy
  • packer sweet face
    packer sweet face
  • Packer getting treats with friends
    Packer getting treats with friends
  • Packer looking alert and handsome
    Packer looking alert and handsome
  • Packer
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