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Oscar at compass rose

Hi new family! My name is Oscar and I know I don’t look like the typical golden, but I am a golden at heart! I didn’t have the best life before coming into my foster home, but now I am looking and feeling better and ready to find my furever home!

I get along with other dogs, or I can be your one and only! I have learned to walk on leash like people want me to (seems boring but okay) and I’m good with basic commands because I am eager to please and love treats.

I am house broken, crate trained, and a sweet boy. I am happy and goofy. I do need some structure and leadership to be my best dog. I love people and can be a little boisterous. I’m sorry to say that I’ve growled at a few people over my dog bed but we’ve worked on that and I am better at that and the nice folks helping me can help you on how to communicate with me.

I’m a pretty healthy guy now but it took a lot to get there. I do have something called an underactive thyroid, which I will have for life, but I don’t even notice the pill in my food every day and the vet says it’s well managed now! I also have low tear production so I get some eye drops every day too, but I take those like a champ! I may or may not have to take those forever, you’ll have to talk to my foster mom about it, but I’m really good about taking medicine. Other than those minor things, I’m a really good boy that just wants to be loved and petted and have some great naps.

I have such an incredible story to tell…won’t you listen to it while we snuggle?

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   Estimated at 7 years old.


   70 pounds

Health status:


Generally good but he has a lifelong thyroid condition and low tear production, but these are very easy to manage!

Major personality traits:


Lovable, goofy, eager to please, and low energy.

Interaction with dogs:


He is companionable but not a playmate, or could be happy being an only dog.

Interaction with cats:

   No cats

Child requirements:


No kids

Fence requirements:

   Not required.

General activity level:


Low to medium energy.

Work schedule best suited for:



Leash manners:


Getting better but still needs some work.

Degree of training needed:


Continue with basic obedience. Trainer transfer session available!

Short video of Oscar walking nicely on a leash with his trainer. Thank you @Raleighdogcoach for sharing.

  • Oscar at compass rose
    Oscar at compass rose
  • Oscar on the deck
    Oscar on the deck
  • Oscar all curled up
    Oscar all curled up
  • Oscar says wait for me
    Oscar says wait for me
  • Oscar
  • Oscar with a bandana
    Oscar with a bandana
  • Waiting Oscar
    Waiting Oscar
  • Oscar sits patiently
    Oscar sits patiently
  • Oscar yawning
    Oscar yawning
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