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Available Dogs - Old Tuffy

Tuffy 19

Hi!  My name is Old Tuffy. I am a Great Pyrenees. Some say I'm a gentle giant. I don’t always know my size so sometimes my paws accidentally knock things over, or my tail hits something, or if I’m just walking by a table I might accidentally make something fall. I’m usually good about laying down when I’m told to, unless there is food - well, then it takes a little firmer voice for me to listen.

I need someone who can show me that they are in charge so I don’t get confused. I’m so big that sometimes I forget that I’m not the boss. I love snuggling and playing, but I can get a bit too excited sometimes, so I need someone with a strong hand to help me know when play time is up or when I’m not following the rules. Oh and hugs are awesome to! I love to sit and give you my paw when I do. It’s my favorite trick!  I can do a few other tricks like stay and lay down sometimes, but I’m not as consistent with those as I am sitting.

I would love to sleep on the floor in the bedroom with you if you’ll let me. I eat twice a day and prefer to have my meals at the same time everyday. I really like other dogs, but sometimes I get too pushy and they growl at me. My foster mom says I’m going to find a home that is calm and structured, and my new parents will be patient and accept me for who I am. 

I am such a sweet boy and will love you forever.  Is that you?

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   Two years old


   94 pounds

Health status:



Major personality traits:


Spunky, loves being snuggled, and active.

Interaction with dogs:


Very curious, especially of females. 

Interaction with cats:


Child requirements:


Due to his size, only older kids. He loves kids, but he can get excited and accidentally knock them down.

Fence requirements:


Highly preferred.  No functioning electric or invisible fences. 

General activity level:


Medium to high.

Work schedule best suited for:


No more than 8 hours alone.

Leash manners:


Great. He loves going for long walks around the neighborhood.

Degree of training needed:


He needs a firm hand and to know who is in charge. He will sit, stay, and come on command. He loves treats. Crate trained and will usually go in on command. Needs work on car behavior (he always wants to be in the front seat!)

  • Tuffy relaxing
    Tuffy relaxing
  • Tuffy Playing
    Tuffy Playing
  • Tuffy 19
    Tuffy 19
  • Tuffy handshake
    Tuffy handshake
  • Tuffy at the vet
    Tuffy at the vet
  • Tuffy sleeping
    Tuffy sleeping
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