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Nadine 18

Nadine is a beautiful and loving dog. She likes to hang with her people and chill most of the time. Nadine has all the basics of doggy training down pat – sit, wait, lay down, house-trained etc. and even crates easily. She quickly settled in at her foster’s home with training and reassurance from her pack leaders.

Nadine gets along well with her foster brother and they love to play together.  She needs a fenced yard and another good natured dog friend to show her the way and keep her company.  Our young girl can be anxious in new situations and with new people, but once she knows you mean to love her and keep her safe, she will be your faithful companion.

Nadine comes with professional training.  She needs more leash work and confidence building that will help make her a happy and secure girl and a wonderful pet for you!

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   About two years.


   53 pounds

Health status:


Major personality traits:


LOVES her people, cautious in new situations, playful with people and dogs she knows.

Interaction with dogs:


Gets along well and plays with resident dog.  Needs help with meeting dogs when on leash.

Interaction with cats:

   No cats. She has a high prey drive.

Child requirements:


Mature teens or no kids.

Fence requirements:


Fenced yard is required.  She loves to run around a fenced yard. 

General activity level:


Work schedule best suited for:


One that allows for plenty of human contact and attention.

Leash manners:


She walks well on leash when we are alone. Lunges at other dogs when on leash.

Type of training required:  

Leash training. Confidence building. Neuse River will provide a period of professional training for you and her.

Nadine takes a nice walk with her foster.

  • Nadine thinks it is dinner time
    Nadine thinks it is dinner time
  • Nadine wonders what you are thinking
    Nadine wonders what you are thinking
  • Is it time to get up
    Is it time to get up
  • Nadine 18
    Nadine 18
  • Nadine likes to play
    Nadine likes to play
  • Nadine 18
    Nadine 18
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