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Moose21 focused

Who wants a Not too big - Not too small but a perfect size dog who is a quiet, well-behaved companion?

Moose is a young, healthy, polite dog with excellent house manners but needs a home that will let him adjust slowly to your life!  Here’s what we know about Moose:

● He's a playful, independent, sweet dog who loves to chill and watch Netflix with you!
● He’s had no accidents in the house.
● He hasn’t chewed furniture or wires but will destroy stuffed toys!
● He’s been on several walks with other dogs and is well-behaved in public spaces (e.g., no barking, lunging, will hangout under the table at restaurants/breweries).
● While he loves his dog foster brother who is an easy-going dog, he has not gotten along with a few dogs.  While with his trainer, he has done well setting boundaries for other dogs without escalating or being inappropriate.
● He is uncertain at first and wary of men, but warms up when he learns to trust you and soon will adore you!
● After a little whining, he sleeps quietly in the crate in our bedroom.
● He will entertain himself with his toys - and he takes them outside - and proudly prances around with them making adorable little noises - and he will try to bury them!
● He loves to be outside - will hangout in the sun with a stuffy toy next to him.
● He walks nicely on the leash - some pulling but is easily corrected and he’s small enough that he’s manageable!
● He rides great in the truck - jumps right in (he is tethered to the back seat since he would love to be in your lap)
● He is super duper agile: he can climb chain link fences and he can jump up on tables.  Agility classes would be fun!
● He’s very focused and easy to train since he is food motivated.
● Did I mention that he loves to hang out and just relax with you?

You should meet Moose in person since the pictures just don’t capture his adorableness!

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   2 1/2 years


   43 pounds

Health status:



Major personality traits:

   Quiet, Playful, Agile, Smart and Responsive - initially timid with mild insecurity around new people and dogs.

Interaction with dogs:


A no dog home would be ideal so he can be your one & only love! However, he enjoys being with other calm and polite dogs but pushy or overly friendly dogs aren’t appreciated.

Interaction with cats:



Child requirements:


High school age since he can be mouthy when excited and would not want a child to take away a toy he was playing with.

Fence requirements:


Not required if kept on leash. Be aware that he has climbed a chain link fence.

General activity level:


Medium to Low - he will initially sprint out the door and run and wrestle with the resident dog but he will quickly slow to a trot around the yard. He settles downs and naps most of the day!

Work schedule best suited for:


Ideally someone who can provide a mid-day break; he is crate trained for meals, bedtime and has been crated for up to 4 hours during the day.

Leash manners:


Walks nicely - non-reactive. He might pull initially and if he sees a squirrel but is easily corrected and his size makes him manageable. He enjoys a leisurely walking pace.

Type of training required:   

He would benefit from his new family taking him to a basic obedience class because he is smart and wants to please! He will sit for everything and is very good about coming when called (because he LOVES being with you!). He is a counter surfer if given the opportunity.


Moose on a walk in the woods

  • Moose prefers to sleep on a chair
    Moose prefers to sleep on a chair
  • Moose rides great in truck
    Moose rides great in truck
  • Moose throws toys in the air
    Moose throws toys in the air
  • Moose is adorable
    Moose is adorable
  • Moose Flying Nun ears
    Moose Flying Nun ears
  • Moose on pack walk at NCMA
    Moose on pack walk at NCMA
  • Moose on weekly packwalk
    Moose on weekly packwalk
  • Moose sleeps with his stuffies
    Moose sleeps with his stuffies
  • Moose21 ready to play
    Moose21 ready to play
  • Moose21 focused
    Moose21 focused
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