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Liz Lemon 22 Co-Pilot

Hi Everyone!

My name is Liz Lemon and I can’t wait to meet you! I have been hanging out with my foster mom and dad. I am enjoying my staycay with my foster brother, sister and these other small fur critters that foster mom says are cats. While on my staycay, I have enjoyed going out for walks with mom and my foster sibs. The smells are really cool! My absolute favorite thing is just being near foster mom. If foster mom moves, so do I. You know, since I retired my hearing has gotten very bad and let me tell you it is scary to not be able to hear. I still manage to enjoy life, but I really don’t like being alone anymore. Staycations are loads of fun but I hope to settle in to my retirement home really soon. Do you have a spot for me?

That’s All for Now,
Liz Lemon

Liz is a great dog! Liz is also easy going and is good with calm dogs and cats. Because of her hearing loss, small children or an active household would not be a good fit. Once she settles into your routine Liz is calm. Liz is very focused on her people and is very responsive to human movements and hand signals. Liz is trustworthy and does much better left to move around in her home. 

The ideal home for Liz comes with a retiree or two that are home most of the time. Also, at least one calm dog is required to help lessen Liz’s anxiety when her humans can’t be around. Liz does need frequent bathroom breaks due to her age.

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   almost 13 years


   52 lbs

Health status:

   Very good for her age. Liz will need to continue to take medications to manage her "old lady ailments". She is mostly deaf and has anxiety as a result.

Major personality traits:

   Friendly, sweet, wants to be beside her people

Interaction with dogs:


Great with male and female calm dogs

Interaction with cats:

   Great, ignores them unless they seek her out

Child requirements:

   No children that reside in the home due to Liz’s hearing loss

Fence requirements:

   Desired but not required

General activity level:

   Low, a couple of short walks a day

Work schedule best suited for:


People that work from home and retirees that are home more often than not.

Leash manners:


Liz feels more secure on a leash.  She can pull if she is onto a scent, so a harness works best.

Training needed:   Liz wants to please, so training is not needed.
  • Liz Lemon 22 A girl needs her beauty sleep
    Liz Lemon 22 A girl needs her beauty sleep
  • Liz Lemon 22 What's up Foster Mom
    Liz Lemon 22 What's up Foster Mom
  • Liz Lemon 22 Hanging with her foster brother and sister
    Liz Lemon 22 Hanging with her foster brother and sister
  • Liz Lemon 22 Looking pretty!
    Liz Lemon 22 Looking pretty!
  • Liz Lemon 22 Co-Pilot
    Liz Lemon 22 Co-Pilot
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