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Kringle The Ear

My name is Kringle and I’m a jolly fella! I love playing with my foster siblings, Dazy and little Dewey. Wrestling, running, fetch, tug of war, toys…you name it we play it! I would love a home with another playful dog. I also love people! I am learning that people like to play differently - I want to love them and mouth them in affection but I’m learning to do other things instead. And that involves toys and I do like toys so that’s working for me!

I am learning lots of things like to wait at the door and to wait for food and to walk nicely on leash. I do love learning new things because it involves my two favorite things - people and food! I can counter surf but we’re working on that. I’m learning that I get all the food I need with this thing called “being good”. I do my business outside and I am happy to nap in the crate when you want me to.

I have a really cool super power, The Ear. I think it’s part of my Great Pyrenees nature but I can hear things, any THINGS that even think about coming in my house or yard. And then I give the The Bark. It’s a big bark, like me!

I’m looking for a great home where we can run and play lots, hopefully with another dog friend and you can continue to teach me the good dog things. Because while I have a lot of energy, I also love settling down and having my people scratch me and rub my belly. My heart is full of love, forgiveness and hope. And I’m looking for someone to share my heart with and to be my person. Is it you?

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   Two to three years old


   75 pounds

Health status:



Major personality traits:

   Energetic, lovable, playful, and protective.

Interaction with dogs:


Playful and social.

Interaction with cats:


Interested and will sniff and be respectful.

Child requirements:


Older teens.

Fence requirements:

   Yes! 5 feet or higher preferred.

General activity level:


High energy but will settle in crate.

Work schedule best suited for:


8 hours if exercised and has time with playful dogs.

Leash manners:


Needs work with pulling.

Degree of training needed:


Basics. Ongoing training for jumping, and play mouthing.

Kringle and his foster buddy love to race around the backyard, but know when to stop.

  • Kringle play time
    Kringle play time
  • Kringle19
  • Kringle nap with Dazy
    Kringle nap with Dazy
  • Kringle Treat Time
    Kringle Treat Time
  • Kringle The Ear
    Kringle The Ear
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