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Available Dogs - Karlie

Karlie loves her ball

Karlie is an absolute sweetheart ready to give you all her love and attention! She loves her people and is a smart girl who aims to please. She knows how to sit, shake, stay, and will even give you a high five if you ask! Karlie LOVES belly rubs and cuddles and will nicely ask you for more pets. 

She has excellent house manners- no counter surfing, sticks to her toys and doesn’t have interest in human food. Karlie’s pretty chill in the house but also loves playing fetch and running outside. She doesn’t like loud noises, but as long as she’s with her people (or wrapped in a comfy blanket during a thunderstorm), she feels safe. At home she wants to be by her people at all times, but does well in her crate overnight or when her people go out. 

Karlie must be the only dog in the home. Although Karlie is able to get along with other dogs, she has also shown she does not get along with all dogs. She should be closely monitored when around other dogs so dog parks are not her thing. She does best on leash around other dogs.

This sweet girl has so much love to give! Could you be the family for her?

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   5 years 


   55 lbs

Health status:


Major personality traits:


Loving, easy-going, good listener

Interaction with dogs:


Needs to be the only dog in a home

Interaction with cats:

   Limited, but seems to do well

Child requirements:


Previous owners stated she is great with children

Fence requirements:

   Physical fence required - she loves to run and will chase squirrels and birds

General activity level:


Work schedule best suited for:


She would love someone to be home most of the time

Leash manners:


Decent - pulls and can get excited around squirrels and birds 

Training needed:  

Not much - Continued work on leash manners and following commands while outside; may need socialization training as well

  • Karlie watching outside
    Karlie watching outside
  • Karlie loves her ball
    Karlie loves her ball
  • Karlie happy in bed
    Karlie happy in bed
  • Karlie playing fetch
    Karlie playing fetch
  • Karlie so happy
    Karlie so happy
  • Karlie holding hands
    Karlie holding hands
  • Karlie big smile
    Karlie big smile
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