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Available Dogs - Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber NRGRR-6

Hey, there!  Justin Bieber here (but my Foster Mom calls me Bear). My friends here tell me I am probably something called a “livestock guardian breed mix dog”. I think that I’m a super handsome, happy and sweet dude - once I know that I can trust you because you are a reliable-type of human who knows how to talk with dogs. I love other animals of all shapes and sizes, including the cats, small & large dogs, and even the free range chickens. 

Sometimes it’s hard for me to warm up to strangers - especially men. I am suspicious of strangers but I love the people that I know are my friends and family. Despite taking longer to trust new men who are strangers, I see familiar men as people to take guidance from and listen to.

I would love to have one or two dog siblings. I’m good with most dogs because I like running and playing. I’m also happy to lounge around in the yard or field to sunbathe or alert you to strangers who might approach. I have a big bark. I get along with new dogs quickly and easily, as long as they are not confrontational with me right off the bat. I just want to be friends and never try to pick a fight. I don’t like to meet dogs on a leash though. The perfect home for me would have a bit of property for me to patrol, or even some animal friends to keep watch of. Walks in the neighborhood are not fun for me. I am a homebody and am content without going out on adventures. Who’s going to watch the yard if I leave it unprotected?

My foster mom says I act like a “typical guardian breed” and I work as a team with my foster dog sister, who is a great pyrenees. One time we chased away and yelled at a hawk who wanted one of our chicken friends for dinner.

I’m good with dogs, cats and chickens. But no human children, please, I find them kind of scary. I love my crate (it's so cozy and feels safe to me) and I especially love when I have a bone in there too.  I am potty trained and don’t have accidents inside or in my crate. I much prefer to be outside in the grass for that.

I’m happy here in my foster home and have friends and we love each other easily. I wish I could stay here forever, but they say there's a perfect forever home for me out there, and that I'll be happy there. I'm excited to have new dog friends and a big yard or some new animals to help protect.

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   Two years old.


   75 pounds - tall and lanky

Health status:


Very good.

Major personality traits:


Cautious, goofy, playful.

Interaction with dogs:

   Fantastic with other dogs of all sizes with a chasing and tumbling play style. He does not like to greet other dogs on leash, as he feels trapped and becomes frustrated, but is friends with everyone off leash.

Interaction with cats:

   Great. Polite and gentle with cats. Occasionally acts a bit playful. 

Child requirements:


No kids, he’s afraid of them.

Fence requirements:

   Should definitely have large 4 or 5 foot fenced yard - preferably a rural property.  Thrives with off leash outdoor space (not a good candidate for dog parks).  Respects fences and does not jump or climb them. 

General activity level:

   Playful and energetic, but settles easily and doesn’t need a huge amount of exercise.         

Work schedule best suited for:


Any. Does well crated with play/activity in the morning and evening.

Leash manners:


Good! But can be fear reactive of strange dogs or people - he can bark and lunge and needs good handling.

Type of training required:   Needs a confident leader who will show him the ropes of his new home. He is happy to take direction, but only if he knows what you want from him. Needs training to acclimate to a new environment and someone with knowledge of typical breed traits. It's going to be important to do 2 or 3 meetings to make sure that he likes/trusts a potential adopter. Potential adopter and our team will do one zoom or in person consult session a few days into placement to make sure things are going smoothly. 
  • Justin Bieber NRGRR
    Justin Bieber NRGRR
  • Justin Bieber 20
    Justin Bieber 20
  • Justin Bieber- NRGRR-2
    Justin Bieber- NRGRR-2
  • Justin Bieber NRGRR-6
    Justin Bieber NRGRR-6
  • Justin Bieber NRGRR-8
    Justin Bieber NRGRR-8
  • Justin Bieber- NRGRR-3
    Justin Bieber- NRGRR-3

Many thanks to Five Freedoms Photography for Justin Bieber's new photos.

  • Justin is a happy guy
    Justin is a happy guy
  • Justin relaxing with his friends
    Justin relaxing with his friends
  • Just watching over my friends
    Just watching over my friends
  • JB Resting
    JB Resting
  • JB Running with a buddy
    JB Running with a buddy
  • Biebs and Friend
    Biebs and Friend
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